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    Default anyone had a successful polyhydramnios birth?

    hello, i am being induced next week (friday week) and just wondering if someone could shed some insight. I am being induced due to cholestasis, however back at 31 weeks it was picked up that i have polyhydramnios (caused by GD). size wise, my baby is in the 89th percentile & fluid 95% percentile at 35 weeks.
    at my medical induction, they're doing an artificial rupture of membranes to get things started, however with polyhydramnios, i'm very worried about cord prolapse and therefore i don't want to consent to this. i'm being denied to a c-section and MUST be induced next week at 36/6d and follow their induction plan. so i'm not really sure if I have any options apart from what doctors are telling me.

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    Hi, yes I had polyhydramnios with both my pregnancies, no known reason for it.

    First baby was a normal delivery at 38.2 weeks. The baby was head down and my waters broke during my first examination at the hospital. Baby had a bit of trouble decending but we eventually got there.

    Second baby - I was hospitalised at 38.2 weeks as he had spun and was footling breach, add to that the polyhydramnios, I was at high risk of cord prolapse so was hospitalised straight away. For the next week, he moved from head down to foot down that many times. Each time his head was down and they wanted to rupture my waters, my cervix wasn't favourable so it would have resulted in a c-sect so my OB wouldn't do it, instead just waited it out. It was terrifying each time he was foot down but I knew I was in the best place and all the staff were across it and knew exactly what to do. They don't like to do a c-sect before 39 weeks due to the latest research re babies having difficulty breathing and needing to go on a ventilator. At 39.2 weeks, my cervix was ready but of course he was footling breach once more so it was off to the theatre that evening for a c-sect. By lunchtime I had gone into labour and was rushed straight to theatre. I had 2 litres of fluid compared to the normal 300mls. My waters didn't break, they cut through the membranes during the c-sect and I just felt an almightly relief as my stomach deflated.

    Don't stress over it, it will all work out. I was lucky to have a good OB who did all the right things and all in his power for me avoid a c-sect but at the end of the day, it was a great experience. PM if you need to talk.

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    I am Type II diabetic so have the same issues as GD when pregnant, maybe a little more involved because it's from so early on. I was borderline for polyhydramnios last pregnancy and had a lot of fluid, I was being induced at 38weeks due to being on insulin etc and they were quite worried about the actual induction. They refused to induce me until they had a theater on standby etc and it was really nerve wracking. I hated the thought of a CS and was terrified that it would end up going that way.

    Bubs head was not fully descended because of the fluid, and they were very worried about cord prolapse. When the Dr broke my waters he had to keep his hand in there for quite some time to make sure that bubs head was descending and that there was no cord, I'm thinking as well that if there was cord then he would have been able to prevent it from slipping down too far.

    As it turned out there was a massive amount of fluid, but as soon as it had cleared away bubs head came down nicely and it was all systems go from there. It was uncomfortable with the Dr in there for that length of time, but it made all the difference. They were really on top of all of it and very attentive. I sat upright as much as possible after that to keep his head down and the labour was over very quickly being only 1hr15min long.

    Good Luck!


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