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    Default Can menstrual hormones cause depression just in that week????

    But i have the mirena in and have since may (1 month after bub) havent had a period but get cramping/moodyness for a week every month (like having a period just no bleeding) So im feeling moody/down since Saturday and starting to feel better but ive noticed its gotten worse since last month.

    I didnt know where to put the thread (is there a period section???) But just wanting to know if theres a non prescription drug or vitamin im maybe missing??? Im also breastfeeding about once a day (slowly weaning) Ive been on the pill levlen and not being on contraception i dont think it matters my moods are still the same so dont think its the mirena.

    Any ideas???

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    You should google PMDD and see if that fits you. I have it and many others. Theres a few threads on bubhub about it too

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