Get a second opinion. If it was just polyps causing the problem, and they were removed successfully (polyps can be deeply embedded, and proper removal is not always possible), then I can't see how bleeding that heavily for so long is "normal".

my motto these days is, "when in doubt, get second, third, and fourth opinions until you are satisfied".

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Hi frnz
as u have gone thru this u might help me

i got my hysteroscopy done for polyp removal and heavy periods..after the procedure i bleeded for 7 days then it stopped BUT in my next cycle i have been bleeding for more than a month now that too so heavy with large pieces of blood clots...i have been trying to contact my doctor every week but she says its normal and not giving me appointment...she says wait for 3 more weeks and then visit her...i find this quite frustrating as i am feeling week inside and sick of flooding for sooooo long...i dont find this normal...can any of u share ur experience as i dont want to create anymore problem if the doctor is not good enough to identify the cause...she may be right but need confirmation from those who have gone through this procedure
i want to have baby and ttc for a long time...i dont want to miss my chance by bleeding for so long... ..please help....