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    i go to hunter ivf newcastle and you can pay the gap fee which is 4500k get about 2k back after medicare, the only way we can afford to do it every second month is keeping the medicare refund for the next cycle and saving the rest. it would be twice as stressful surely in a foreign county! i looked at thailand and you do all your meds in oz then just go over the collection and transfer to me it sounds hard work, there are heaps of good fs specialists in australia! lots of first cycles dont work out dont rule it completely out yet! it is stressful yes, but its amazing what you can get through when you want something bad enough!

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    Default IVF in India

    Hello, I think IVF in India should cost no more than Rs200,000 that's about AUD$4,000. The other reason why people flock there may be the efficient system, i.e. the clinic and docs try to get you pregnant without being bogged down by watchdogs who dictate how many embryos to implant and how to go about fertilizing them for statistical reasons and charting. Certainly in UK, they have all the clinics tied down with such procedures that they are ham strung and losing business. Well that's my opinion!Secondly, leave behind some semen sample should you then require repeat treatment or surrogacy (US$24,000) Hope this is helpful. One clinic you can try is drkadam@indiansurrogacy.com amongst hundreds others!


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