Hello lovely ladies!

I hope you enjoy reading this!

My name is Anna and I have completed my first year of my midwifery degree (HOORAH!)
I am seeking generous pregnant women to support and follow through as well as to listen to your thoughts, experiences and emotions.

The details:
If you would like to participate or JUST want more information dont hesistate to send me an email and I would love to clear up your concerns and provide an answer to your querries.

What do I do?
I come along to appointments with you so I can learn through observation and through practice. Also I can accompany you whilst we're in the waiting room!!!
We are requred to get atleast 10-20hrs face to face time with our follow through women AND i don't have to be at your birth if you dont feel that you're up for it.

Where abouts am I located?
I live near Sunshine Hospital and I currently dont have my drivers license (but im working on it) BUT i can travel to most areas (because I'm dedicated!)

I hoped you enjoyed reading this.
take care
and i hope to hear from you soon

Anna xx