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    I've actually been on both sides of this issue - my son inexplicably (for about a month) bit other kids when he was about 10 months old, and now, a year later, he was the "bitee" for about 3 months.
    We were mortified when he was biting - he didn't do it at home, it never happened when we were there but nevertheless, we were made to feel it was our fault and we were raising a psychopath. No, he didn't bite at home. No, we didn't bite him (or even nibble, even as a joke). No, we were not bad parents.
    The first point is that biting happens really quickly, and if the biter is given a lot of attention for biting, it encourages them to do it more. So please don't think that because it happened twice in one day, the carers aren't good. In fact, following around a biter and giving them attention may encourage them to do it again. Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for.
    The other thing is, this is, I later found out that biting TOTALLY NORMAL BEHAVIOUR. We talked to paediatricians, child carers elsewhere, our trusted babysitter (who works in childcare) and found out that this happened all the time. It doesn't make it okay, and it doesn't mean you do nothing, but it does mean it is not abnormal, or a sign that the child/childcare has some kind of problem.
    Finally, and I say this now as a parent whose child is now being bitten (and beaten, and shoved, but that's another story) - while it is terrible for a parent to see bite marks and bruises, it does not cause long term harm or damage to the child and in fact, it is an opportunity to prepare your child for the real world, which is full of bullies.
    Our son has turned out to be quite a non-confrontational sensitive soul as a toddler, and we have taught him to shout (for attention from the carers) when he is "attacked" and to also shout "STOP!" at the bitee, instead of just laying there and taking it. Once we did this, we have not had another incident of him being beaten/bitten, although he does shout "STOP" at me sometimes when I'm trying to put his pjs on...

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    I showed this to my carer. She is mortified! We get a call if there is ever 1 incident, let alone 5?? That's just ridiculous! I would ring the director of day care, and look at having the child removed, until the parents can sort out the biting as well. I thought this happened at a centre, until I re-read it. OMG, your poor DD. Your carer needs a kick up the backside, for not watching this behavior more closely!


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