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    Default Stay At Home Dads/Mums - Rockingham/Mandurah area and poss. beyond?

    I'm a first time poster. So apologies if there is a thread out there, but I'm kinda hanging here.
    long story short - Back after extended overseas jaunt and in the Mandurah area knowing no-one. Ok for Lady Doc as she gets to interact with adult/clients etc. Me, for the last three months I just have DS, the ever curious J.D. (Dean)- he who desires a never-ending loop of DJ Lance and Dora, driving me to thoughts of flying to L.A. and-.. I digress.

    Just wondering if there are any other stay at homes in the Rocko-Mando corridor or points further afield. Also open to mum's contacting me too as I'm seeming to strike out on connecting with other parents when i get the chance. Maybe just too busy watching number one son like a hawk to realise to stop and actually chat..

    I'd be happy to talk meet playdate, something anything whatever however anywhere but if you are in the area, and especially if you are a SAHD, I'd be keen to hear from you all.


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    Hi Stevo,

    There is a small Dads Chat section in the Forum http://www.bubhub.com.au/community/f...p?45-Dads-Chat here. We are heavily outnumbered but if you do not find anyone local to touch base with then please feel free to lob into the Dad's chat and make a post or two

    Completely understand the need for adult conversations

    Let me know how you get on?


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    ha! seems you and i are in a similar situation, im in Donnybrook (about 3ish hour drive from you), my wife and i moved here (as i no longer wanted to live in SA plus a massive long story) to stay with her mum and dad (till finding a place to rent) with the plan to stay in donnybrook for a few months then move to some were like perth perhaps.....we have been here for about 4 years now, having lived in SA for most of my life i became spoilt with a good public trasport system, so i never got my licence, in donnybrook it is a small town, most of the local shops are family owned, this means that i cant get any work as they are teaching/employing for a lower rate there kids and ect thus no job there for me! the remaining shops are very sexist as i dont have female parts (with the exception of manboobs after a few weeks of no gym) thus no work for me! the buses of donnybrook....one in the morning at like 7ish (this is no good as most of the jobs i qualify for start at 6 or erler) and one in the afternoon at about 3ish, and they go to bunbry (a halfhour drive away) so no work out there for me, im slowly getting my license....VERY slowly, but yeah, to cut a long/boring story short, i am a stay at home dad in the southwest, nice to meet you


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