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    I think that's a pretty normal fear for all mothers. I know myself personally, I'm extremely paranoid about everything to do with the beach. I hate the thought of sharks, sting rays and jelly fish. I can't stand the waves and I freak out big time just standing on seaweed because I think the seaweed touching my leg is some fish.

    As much pleasure as it would bring me to not let my children into the ocean, unfortunately that's just being completely unrealistic. Even though I fear the ocean and the safety of my children, I believe it's important for your kids to be exposed to the beach and all it's risks from an early age. Little Nippers is a fantastic program to enrol your kids into...

    Our beaches are constantly being scouted for sharks and we can be rest assured that when our children swim between the flags or in this case participate in the Nippers program, they are in more than capable hands. We have people trained specifically to ensure the safety of our children and ourselves watching us at all times and we have to learn to trust their ability and realise we're not going to be mauled by a shark if we follow their rules.

    As they grow older I'm sure us mothers will continue to worry, after all, that's what we do best! I know I'm going to turn grey very early if my kids turn out like their father. My DF loves the beach, when he was a young child he used to swim as far away from the other swimmers as he could so that no one would steal his waves. The life guards used to be onto him within 5 minutes of him getting into the water, telling him to swim back into shore and that he was too far out.

    Lessons in survival and what to do when you find yourself caught in a rip etc while in the ocean are best taught by the professionals. Myself personally, I never go any deeper than my knee height. My DF has been caught in many rips during his life time, he's gone as far out to the point where he couldn't even see land more times than I care to admit. He went through the Nippers program as a child and he learned most of what he knows through either that or his Surf Lifesaving lessons.

    I think you're definitely on the right track by sending your kids to these programs. You never know when they're going to need to know these techniques and there might come a day where it is a matter of life or death. I know if my DF hadn't participated in them he would no doubt be another life claimed by the ocean. I hope you go with your initial instinct to send them to Nippers, I know that I wouldn't hesitate in sending my children to Nippers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysonroger View Post
    what does everyone think? am i doing the wrong thing. i'm really having second thoughts about it.
    It's cost-benefit, just like anything else. How many people die from drowning every year, vs. being killed by sharks?

    Your kids are much better off being confident swimmers well acquainted with the risks (and benefits!) of ocean swimming.

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    Hmm I'm a bit of a paranoid Mumma so I probably would enroll them into swimming lessons in a pool - a pool without sharks in it

    But we do swim in the ocean and stuff, but I probably wouldn't take jasper to the beach if there's been sightings & attacks locally. Sightings yes, because they are around, but not if there'd been attacks. I did mildly freak seeing pictures in the paper of catch, tag & release program they had going here to monitor movements of sharks to research ways to improve swimmer safety but seeing photos of big-**** sharks thinking OMG that shark was released somewhere nearby!!! Argharghargh!!!!

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    Two of my kids (8 and 6) do SLS at Cottesloe. They love it and it has improved their confidence and safety at the beach no end. I do/have thought about sharks, esp with all the recent publicity, but justify it to myself that they are much more likely to be injured driving in the car, and I am not about to stop driving them around....

    I think it is very important to not put our own fears into the minds of our kids. You were fearless as a kid because you didn't appreciate risk. If your parents told you there were sharks eating people there, I bet you wouldn'y have gone in! I don't tell my kids there may be the odd shark around just as I don't tell them they might die if they get in a car. Kids shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that. Just let them enjoy the beach - just like you did!

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    Default Is culling sharks necessary?

    Hi there this is Krystle from Al Jazeera English International. We're currently trying to organise a filmed discussion about the recent kill order by the WA authorities on sharks that pose an imminent threat. I'm looking for someone who believes the culling is necessary for the protection and safety of beach goers and would be willing to talk about it. If you are located around the Perth area or know someone thereabouts and would like to share your point of view at the discussion, I'd love to hear from you. The discussion is for our 101 East programme. Please get in touch with me. Thanks.

    Krystle Wong
    Mobile: +60122904411
    Website: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/101east/
    Twitter: @AJ101East (http://twitter.com/AJ101East)
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sharkalarm#!/101East?fref=ts
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