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    Eta: Loop, I noticed you mentioned Ju Ju Sundin's 'Birth Skills' book. This book was my bible when preparing for a Vbac, I had never experienced labour before and it helped me immensely, so much so, that the focus and skills I learnt from the book I never forgot with each labour.

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    Gosh girls, I feel a warm fuuzy feeling when I read all your replies! Thank you so much for the support! Its the first time bubhub has really helped me with an issue, not just the relief of writing something down. Having my feelings recognised like this is a huge step towards a positive birthing experience - whichever way it goes

    sooz - I know you meant well and I thank you for your input. Many people share your view on childbirth and I am glad for you you dont have these demons to deal with. I wont shy away from challenging these views in the future, your post has helped me find that determination even more.

    Tam - you are so right, I know so much more now about how things came along with the cs and what I can do to avoid another one. DP is still in his own world, I am dragging him along to a vbac seminar in a few days. If he still seems not interested enough in the birth I will hire a doula or take a friend. In the end I know he will come round, he can be very defensive and protective, he just needs to understand the details.
    The image in the link really is graphic, and I was not quite ready to look at it for long. The article is written so well though, I will show it to DP!

    Uniquey - thank you so much for sharing your experiences and huge congratulations on your vbacs! You have obviously gone through a lot, and yes sometimes I still see myself going down that route of guilt and PND. BUT thats why I am here, thats why I will see the psychs at the hospital. I also read every vbac story I can get my hands on (feel free to pm me with yours, I would love te hear it!) Juju's approach to dealing with labour realy made sense to me, it fits much better. So glad to hear it worked for your vbacs

    Big hugs again to all of you, and also those women out there who need a bit of a cuddle, not "just" a healthy baby

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    I can really relate to how you feel

    Of all my friends I was the only one who really looked forward to birth. I didn't fear the pain, was in awe of the process, trusted it and really couldn't wait for the experience. I was induced with DS1 and ended up with an emergency c-section.

    With DS2 I was all set for my VBAC, but in my case he was breech with a fundal placenta and short cord around the neck twice so he kinda had to come out the trap door

    I had a great c-section (as much as possible) with him, and don't feel sad about his birth at all. It was how it was meant to be, but when so many friends around me who never looked forward to birth are all off having beautiful waterbirths, homebirths, amazing hospital births I do feel sad and jealous. I think it's normal.

    I'm blessed that I have care providers around me who are very supportive of VBA2C, and I know in the end things will go how they are meant to but I've accepted that when I hear of amazing births I'll feel a pang and that it's normal for me to have that longing to birth.

    I have everything crossed for you that you get your awesome VBAC Sending hugs

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