Hi Ladies,

Anyone out there used Moxibustion for infertility? My acupunturist/chinese herbalist has been using it on me during acupunture & I'm now doing it at home every day for 20 minutes along with taking chinese herbs.

I'm on a strict diet of no diary, cold drinks, chillie, ginger, pork, cabbage, coffee, ceral, pasta, oily foods & reduce my break intake.

Apparantly I have a 'cold' uterus so this heat therapy will warm my lower abdomen & improve circulation & increase blood flow to the uterus. I also have 'thick' blood so it will help with this also. At AF time I experience alot of blood clots which is a sign of thick blood & it creates an impossible environment for an embryo to implant.

I only have 1 frozen emby left so this is my last chance so I'm trying everything to assist in implantation. My acupunturist has treated other women with high natural killer cells & claims the moxibustion balances the hormones & immune system therefore lowering the high nk cells. I hope it works!!!

Hopefully I can announce a BFP come Dec/Jan when I have my final FET!