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oh cool i'm glad i've figured out the jon snow theory!

the other theory i wonder about - you know how cersei had that prophecy that her children would die and she would be killed by the valonquar or 'little brother'? i know that she thinks that tyrion is the little brother who will kill her, but do you reckon that seems a bit obvious? do you think there's a twist and it could be a different 'little brother'? maybe ser loras will return and kill her coz he is the youngest brother of the tyrell family? or possibly tommen will suddenly decide he's had enough and kill her as he is the youngest brother? (seems unlikely though) or even rickon somehow, as the youngest brother of the starks?

no i haven't read Wildcards, what's it about?
Bumping this thread as I just finished dwd but on the prophesy thing Cersie has two younger brothers. She is the older twin so it could be Jamie that kills her.