I know what you mean people just do not care I helped a boy once and he was lycky as it was getting dark and I normally get picked up from work on the day I helped him...he was at a 4 hour session social/swimming and it was cancelled it is nowhere near a phone and no one was there as it was cancelled it was backing onto industrail estate on a friday and not one of the 40 odd people who passed before me would let him use their phone so by the time I came past it had been an hour and a bit he was waiting.

As I child on that same street a guy tried to abduct me when I was 8/9yo and three blocks over my mate a boy was by 3 men/boys.

It cost $3 maybe for him to use my phone and I waited with him until his gran arrived to get him.

It sickens me to think he could have been sitting there alone until he was picked up 3 hours in the dark.

In the time I sat with him maybe 2/3 people passed and a steady flow of cars. Not one person of 40 odd helped this kid he was in his swimmers outside the pool and obviously distressed so hardly believe he would have stolen their phone.