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  • I would highly encourage my child to do an organised sport.

    26 63.41%
  • I do not think organised sport is very important.

    3 7.32%
  • I would highly encourage my child to do music.

    21 51.22%
  • I do not think organised music is very important for my child.

    4 9.76%
  • I would highly encourage my child to learn a language

    14 34.15%
  • I do not think learning a language is very important for my child.

    6 14.63%
  • I would highly encourage my child to do dance.

    9 21.95%
  • I do not think dance classes are important for my child.

    8 19.51%
  • I would highly encourage my child to do tutoring out of school.

    8 19.51%
  • I do not think tutoring out of school is very important for my child.

    7 17.07%
  • I would highly encourage my child to do community services.

    15 36.59%
  • I do not think community service is very important for my child.

    6 14.63%
  • I think schools provide enough activities.

    6 14.63%
  • I don’t believe in structured activities.

    2 4.88%
  • Other

    9 21.95%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    hmm I ticked organised sport - but I HATE contact sports .. so no to football etc (luckily my oldest doesn't like pain .. so when he heard of the injuries that his cousin has already had .. by the age of nine .. his interest diminished immediately) - so the organised sports we do are swimming/ Tae Kwon Do atm ..

    Swimming because it can save your own life as a child to do so .. and TKD .. because I worry about bullying in the school yard, and while I will never encourage Jack to FIGHT at school, I do want him to be able to defend himself. We totally followed his lead with it though, we went a few times (free trial) and he fell completely in love with it.

    I dont really care about dance or language - but again ... thats because we are just following the boy's leads with this stuff and they have no interest in either of those ...

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    I played netball all throughout primary school and by the end of highschool I was playing for the school, after school, nights and some weekends lol. I still play now!
    I'd want my children to be involved in a team sport, it teaches you how to work with others whether you like them or not.
    I'd love dd to play netball but I wouldn't force her, I'd get her to pick a sport of her choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightsaber View Post

    And finally as for language, I'm hoping to immerse them! The plan is hubby and I will take sabatical for a year and teach english overseas when they're in kindergarden/primary school and immerse them in that language.

    at least that's the plan.... whether or not that happens is all up to what we're blessed with...
    We want to try and do this as well. Also for the cultural experience Who knows if we will actually be able to do it though.

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    I think learning to swim is extremely important so they will be doing that until they're confident, whether they continue after that is up to them. And when we lived on the Gold Coast, nippers was a must but whilst we live in the middle of nowhere it's not really an option. I will also like them to play a sport but what will be up to them. DD1 loves dance so I will be be getting her into that in a year or two. DP would really like them to do karate for self defence. He also wants them to get into motorbikes, go karts and wakeboarding
    At the end of the day, it will be what the kids are into.

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    The only activity I have "pushed" for is swimming lessons.

    I don't mind extra activities as long as the kids are really enjoying them. But I don't like it when it is more for the parent than the child. DD1 is a bit behind with a lot of things from being premmie, so she has done gymnastics and dancing to help with gross motor skills. I don't mind dancing for fun but am really hoping she doesn't want to pursue it seriously. I have grown up around the dancing scene (not in it personally) and I hate it. But she has been begging to go back...

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    we have a rule..
    if you commit, you have to see out a term or a season.

    You cannot quit until then.

    my kids do..

    private soccer



    Swimming and tutoring is the most important to me. everything else is up to them!

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    I grew up not doing any organised activity and neither did my sister. Not because we weren't allowed, but because we didn't want to and my p's didn't feel the need to push it. I would have hated to be forced in to doing something. I did go roller skating every week for three years and would've loved to have learnt figure skating but there were no lessons in the area then and I stopped that to do drama. We gave gymnastics a go, lasted about 2 months and when I was 16 or 17 I joined myself up to kick boxing and I also attended a few self defence classes as a teen too. So I did stuff, but drama was the only thing that was organised and by the time I was doing kickboxing/self defence I was old enough to get myself there and home again.
    We have a rule - one organised ECA once you start school. They're only allowed to pick one because I think time to be free is more important and by the time we have three kids doing three different things that will limit us. If they want to pick a seasonal sport it has to be a winter sport or nippers. They're not allowed to do cricket or anything like that.
    So, the only one doing an ECA is DD1 and she chose Tae Kwon Do. She does it with DH (he joined with her) and she's a yellow belt, going for her green tip soon I think but she's about to stop TKD for a few months while she does nippers over summer. She has already said that she wants to do TKD until she is a black belt and then she wants to do gymnastics.

    At the beginning of the year she said she wanted to dancing and I said no. I told her she could do it next year if she wanted but she never mentioned dancing and then went to school and suddenly wanted to do it. She started TKD and never mentioned dancing again. She has said she doesn't want to do dancing anymore when I've asked her (and I'm happy about that).

    We have a pool, so they have learnt how to swim at home and we're getting one of DD1's friends mum to come and teach her stroke techniques this summer. We are pushing for the kids to learn Spanish....only because it's DH's first language but he finds it impossible to talk Spanish at home and the kids interest comes and goes so DH does what he can without making them hate it. We were very encouraging of Nippers, living so close to the beach it's important that our kids all do one season. Our encouragement and excitement wore off and DD1 can't wait to start on the weekend.

    Organised sports, music etc.....I don't feel the need to force my kids in to any of it really. Family friends had their three kids in ECA every day for their whole school didn't benefit them in any way at all. They all seemed to burn out really.
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    This is how we have chosen to do it.

    Each child may pick one activity per year. It is anything of their choice. For my kids anything more than that and they would have time to be a kid and get all their homework done

    Currently DS1 and DD3 are doing music next year DD2 wants to do it too. DD1 didn't do anything this year as it was year 12 and she needed every moment for her school work and her part time job. DS2 is too young.

    Tutoring is something we don't see as a activity if a child needs help they just get it. We don't use commerial tutoring but use the school free services.

    Over the years my kids have done

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    DS is 7....he does a 2nd language at school and i support that at home as i speak basics of that language.

    He does music at school and they start violin lessons in grade 4 (dreading the violin lol. He is getting a guitar and some lessons from FOB for christmas.

    He does chess club at school.

    he goes to gifted and talented workshops through school. I do home tutoring with him during the holidays (and sometimes term time but only if we hit on an area of interest). He is academically advanced so it is about making sure he stays challenged...not get bored.

    After school...he does Karate. There were a few months where he resisted but i said he had to go. If he had hated it or continued to complain about going...i would have considered letting him quit. however, i think teaching kids about commitment and not dropping out every time something gets hard is vital. DH does karate with him 2 times a week now and they love it and practice together at home.

    he also does swimming lessons...along with 2 weeks intensive swimming classes at school.

    I feel that by helping DS have a diverse range of activities it will help him enjoy life to the fullest.

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    Im going with 'other'

    Ill encourage my kids to what ever their little heart wants to.


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