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    Hi everyone

    How are you all - I have been keeping my eye on the thread and it's very slow but am so happy to see that there have been a few more bubs!! Congrats hoping and Ellymoe - how did you go???

    I am 14 weeks tomorrow according to measurements of Nt scan. Yay and Nt scan results were excellent, and the scan was amazing!! Got some awesome shots of bubs. The tech said 70% likely to be a girl. We are so happy with either gender and will have it confirmed at the next scan but if it's confirmed a girl we will call her Charlotte (Charlie for short).

    Sorry for the absence of late, been very slack but am very happy to read the lovely announcements! Let's keep them coming!!!

    How very exciting for everyone!!

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    Hi everyone,

    I had a little girl, Ella, on 12/06/12, 7 pounds, 6 and a half ounces. She's so damn cute I could eat her with a spoon!

    Hope everyone else is going well and the wait for those still expecting goes by really fast!

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    Congratulations Ellymoe!

    Cooper is two weeks old and it's gone so fast!! A few unsettled nights, but we are slowly getting into a routine Dh was supposed to go back to work today but he has something in his eye and can't see out of it so I won't let him drive taking him to dr in an hour so hopefully they can find something!

    I've lost another 4kgs since having Cooper, 6 more to go and I'm at my goal weight

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    Default TTC No#1 with PCOS - Graduates

    Wow this thread has been very quiet but I thought I'd post my birth story anyhow.

    Bubs Name: Emily Louise.
    Date of Birth: 20.8.12
    Weeks gestation: 38 + 1
    EDD: 2.9.12
    Time of Birth: 5.11pm
    Bubs Weight: 3.1kg 6p 15oz
    Bubs Length: 48cm
    Bubs Head Circumference: 35cm
    Spontaneous/induction/c-sect: Induction
    Details of birth: I had a planned induction because of my blood pressure. Although it had been ok and no signs of pre eclampsia I was on a lot of meds and the doc didn't want me to go full term. So we went to the hospital on Sunday night. Got there about 9pm. I had the gel at around 9.30 pm. 3.30 I woke up with uncomfortable pains. 5am more gel was put in and the pains increased. They were almost one on top of the other with maybe only 5 mins in between. I still was not dilated so not in labour. At about 8am my OB arrived and said he'd do the drip about 10am meaning I would have to stay in bed on the ctg so I requested an epi dural if I couldn't walk around! The OB broke my water and opened the cervix (painful!) and then the drip went in. The anesthetist was in surgery but my pains were so intense they turned down the drip and called him out of theatre!! As the epi was being put in a contraction came and they couldn't stop what they were doing so I had to remain still. Omg that was the worst thing ever. Once the epi was in I felt instant relief but I could still feel a niggle on my left. Well, that turned into I could still feel the intense contractions on my left! Right leg/side was totally numb but left only had pins and needles in the leg no relief in the tummy. It was excruciating. I was having the gas as well it helped a little, made me feel like I was dreaming. This was about 1pm and I was only 3cm. I said to the husband that I couldn't do another 6 or 8 hours like that. So my OB suggested pethidene and he also turned up the epi. He didn't think the anesthetist could or would re position it. The pethidene put me to sleep for about 2 hours but I was still having the gas whenever a contraction came at first (apparently I would just suck it while half asleep!) but then the pain started to fade. By 4:30 I was awake without pain. About 4:50 the OB told me to give a push so he could see where the head was. I did and then he said to give another and another and by 5:11 my baby was born!


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