CJWA - If you're like me one of the things you'll love is the constant action, attention etc. On clomid I was pretty much ignored by my FS (so I got a better one ) and when so much is going on during IVF, the time goes faster and you are so much more informed about what's going on inside your body! Not like clomid where I just waited for ages hoping stuff was happening and got disappointed every month.

Jamison - I'm not religious, but if I was I think God would come down himself and tell me personally that he was unhappy with me doing IVF, rather than sending annoying minions to let me know. I'm not sure how people lecturing you are coming to that conclusion, since I'm pretty sure IVF isn't mentioned in the bible! People should mind their own damn business. who are they to decide what God wants?

Disney Baby - I read both positive and not so positive stories on this forum, to prepare me for either possibility. I was prepared for the fact that we might not succeed on the first go. We just got lucky.

As you can see by the ticker, Demon Spawn is still very much sticking! I can feel nice strong kicks and had a scan yesterday showing that he or she (we are keeping the sex a surprise for ourselves!) is perfect so far. This baby is so worth the struggle to get it, and I hope every one starting the process here has the same luck straight up. I would gladly have done several cycles to get where I am now but I hope you ladies don't have to do that!