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    Default how early do u need to see an obstetrician? and good obs for RNS private?

    Hi ladies

    I've just found out I'm 41/2 weeks pregnant and I'm over the moon because DH and I have been trying for 3 years and they'd told us it was near impossible for me to get preggers. But we finally got there through ivf

    Since this is my first pregnancy and practically a miracle conception, I wanted to make sure I get things right. My question is, how important is it to see an obstetrician asap? Even though I should be waiting till the scan before booking things I thought I'd be organised anyway. I have booked with Gil Burton as soon as I found out the good news but his first available appointment isn't till 14 November, which means I'll be 11 weeks and nearing the end of my 1st trimester.

    From those who have previous experience, will this late appointment be a real problem because I know most complications happen in the 1st trimester and this is my first pregnancy? Or is this quite normal because I know it can be really difficult to get appointments with obs?

    I have my heart set on seeing Gil because all my friends and online reviews says he's absolutely brilliant! so I'd prefer to not choose another obs, but if it means I might be risking my pregnancy too much then I'll find an alternative obs with an earlier apptmnt.

    If it looks like I should be seeing an obs asap, can anyone recommend a good obs that delivers in the Royal North Shore private?

    Thanks so much ladies

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    Does anyone else have feedback on Dr Burton?

    What is the process from first appointment through to delivery?
    Does anyone know what fees he charges

    Thanks so much

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    I was hoping to go back to my local rural hospital as public patient like with my first 5 years ago. There were delays in getting them to confirm I could go there and have c section due to staffing issues.

    So what I did was went to my GP got referral for dating scan at about 7 weeks. Being 40 I wanted to have Harmony Test so I found private clinic that did this in Melb and had my dating scan there too. They also did bloods for the Harmony and Combine screening test at 10 weeks and scan at 12 weeks. Now I did have to pay for these and got some back from MC - but I must say glad I did. The staff doing scans were doctors one even a professor that was my 20 week scan.

    All my results went back to GP who referred me.

    I am glad I did this and took it upon myself as it turned out local hospital couldn't take me and I didn't want to go to the next public hospital in my area. So I had to go private by this stage many were booked up and taking bookings for June/July
    Babies I was due 11 May. But I found a lovely one who could fit me in. He was impressed when I showed up for my initial appt and my GP had enclosed all test results. I first saw him at about 13-14 weeks.

    Doing it this was meant if there had of been any problems my GP could have referred me to Royal Womens in Melb but they wouldn't take up front me as I am out of there catchment area for non high risk straight forward pregnancy.

    Hope this helps and makes sense if you really want to see this dr get ball rolling for your scans.

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    You should book with an OB asap and mention your age and that it is an IVF baby

    It might change the timing of first appointment.

    My OB would want to see you between 8-10 weeks. He books out very early though so you'd need to make an appointment before you are 4-5 weeks pregnant.

    Good luck!


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