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    I started in February, then actually timed it right in May/June just counting the days of my cycle. Fell pregnant! Was super happy but was found to have a blighted ovum, being quite remote I didn't get to the hospital straight away. Miscarried in August then had a D & C in Sydney two days later.

    I don't think I ovulated at all until 2 cycles ago, we tried straight away but no luck. Then were careful for 2 cycles just so get my head back. Tested 2 cycles ago and was ovulating! Tested last month, got a great reading and apparently a little tiny baby too! I'm so hoping all goes well this time and I'm due around the 27th!

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    Hi all,

    I thought I'd pick people's brains about birthing options in the country. I'm not pregnant yet but will be ttc very soon and have heard that you have to make your mind up pretty quickly once you are pregnant.

    I live 2.5-3hrs from our capital city, our town has a largish hospital with a visiting OB and full time midwifery team, and a town 20mins away has a smaller hospital with gps that have done obstetrics training and a midwifery team. I have private health insurance and also work for the hospital in the town I live in. I am originally from the capital city and my family still live there.

    My question is, has anyone been in a similar situation and what did they do? At this stage I'm thinking about being a private patient at the smaller hospital 20mins away with the gps that have done obstetrics training and mid team. I would perhaps be a bit worried about if things went horribly wrong and I needed to be airlifted to the city that I'd be an extra 20mins away from the larger hospital helipad, but think that there is very low chance that that would be needed.

    The other thing I'm wondering is if an OB might be beneficial- I know that lots of people praise midwives but also wondering what all the extra years of training might provide (e.g would it help complications being managed more efficiently?)

    If I wanted an OB I'd probably go to the city and stay with family in the last few weeks as I don't think I would want to be in hospital where I work and know everyone. I don't think I could fully relax and I've had variable reports about the only visiting OB.
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    Thought I would join you guys. I had my implannon removed yesterday to start ttc.

    I have a almost 15 month old ds. We live 30klm from the nearest town (1200 population) 120 klm from a main town (40,000 odd population) and 480klm from the capital city.

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    I am new to this forum. We too live in Riverina but have been undtaking IVF in Melb due to some rather ordinary storys about some of the rural specialists.
    I am currently 6 days off blood test for 1st IVF/ICSI cycle and hoping like hell that this one works!
    Egg Pick up was possibly one of the worst experiences I have had. I felt so aweful driving home with DH and spent 5.5 hours in the car wondering if the roads had always been that bad!
    Good luck Mopoke. We are quite close to town but there services there are not worth having.... 4 weeks to get into GP and no OB at hosipital!

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    Hi! I know this is an old thread but am hoping to revive it as its a great idea for a thread, im in a rural area too and my fiance and i are TTC (onto our second cycle now, 4DPO) so hoping for a positive result sometime soon but am not too stressed as we are getting married on the 1st August as well!

    From reading back over the posts looks like everyone has had their bubs! how are u all going?


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