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    Default Completely terrified about first scan.......

    Hi Everyone!

    How are you - all well i hope!

    Am just dropping a quick post as i have my first scan this Thursday. Today i am 7 weeks so i will be 7 weeks 3 days at the time of scan. I am absolutely petrified about this! I keep reading about ectopics and blighted ovums and now keep convincing myself i'm going to fall into one of these categories! My blood results have gone as follows:

    16/08/11 - 94 HCG, 40.5 PROG
    18/08/11 - 309 HCG, 47 PROG
    23/08/11 - HCG was 2593. Est 2.6 and Prog 44
    25/08/11 - HCG was 4500. Est 2.4 and Prog 40.6
    29/08/11 - HCG was 14,741. Est 2.9 and Prog 37
    02/09/11 - HCG was 35,000 and Prog 41

    My FS tells me these numbers are great (and assures me that when the levels get this high - its extremely normal for them not to double anymore) and they think its textbook so far.

    So why cant i stop worrying?

    Just wondering how these numbers look - has anyone had any experience with BO. Am curious as to if hcg's etc continue to rise like mine have if that was the case.

    Also, have tender boobies, constipated - ewww, but have had NO cramping whatsoever or spotting so far - it stays that way.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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    You're a parent and the worrying doesn't start only when they pop out.

    With my first pregnancy I didn't think about it much and my DS was born healthy and happy.
    With my 2nd pregnancy I was irrationally worried about a M/C and had one at 9 weeks.
    I'm not saying that you will have one if you worry!! But the outcome would have been the same if I had stressed or not. I'm trying to put that thinking into my own life everyday as I am pregnant again and 6w6d.

    I know because you had fertility treatment they may monitor you more and do more bloods... I havent even had an HCG numbers done at all. At least you are informed, although that can make you worry sometimes too.

    Worrying is part of pregnancy, but doing everything you can try try and keep you anxiety at bay is a good idea. If you did have a m/c it wouldnt be something that was your fault or in your control. But for now, your baby is safe and happy, and thats all you need to think about.


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