Congratulations Jodi!!! Fantastic news! It must have been very emotional to hear that beautiful heartbeat? I am reading lots of wonderful stories of many recipients getting pregnant on their 1st cycle with SA donated eggs, it is very encouraging. Can I ask how old was your ED?

We are starting our ED cycle towards the end of October. I am on the OCP at the moment to synchronise my cycle with my sister (she is 34 and has 1 gorgeous DS already). So it's very exciting and while we are hopeful, there are no guarantees and we have all agreed she will only cycle once. Hence DH and I are keeping SA in the back of our minds as an option.

We really feel that we have given everything to TTC with my eggs and 6 MC's later I have to see that the universe really is trying to tell us something! Over time I have been able to let go of the idea of using my own eggs but I just cannot let go of the dream of having a baby.

I hope you are feeling well and that your pregnancy progresses uneventfully!