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    There is 11.5 years between my DP and I.

    The only thing that really bothers me about that is that if we both live to be 80, I will have to live 11.5 years without him . It's something I think about often, but it's not enough to stop me being with him. I've just told him that he has to take extra special care of himself so he can outlive me.

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    I know the feeling ladies my DH is well 20yrs older than me and we starting dating even before we knew each others age, it was the last thing on our minds. They way we see it is that at heart we are both big kids and have a blast together. Both sides of the family couldnt agree less with our situation being call desparate and predators we've heard it all but slowly and with very small steps they have come to realise that after almost 2yrs were happy with each, were happy with a beautiful baby boy and were are going to stay that way nothing anyone can say or do is going to have any effect of our relationship, because even though only being 23 (a very wise 23yr old ) I know that a relationship only concerns they two people involved and if your going to let other people in on your relationship, your not really exclusive.


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