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    So I'm with dd on my days off work, then when Dh gets home he usually does the bath and bed time.
    If DD (17mo) has to much day sleep she is full of beans at bed time.
    She seems to do good with going to bed at a reasonable time at night if she has around aprox 2 hours of sleep during the day.

    Well today was my day off..
    I didn't wake dd from her nap.. 2 hours passed.. Then another 2 and after 4 1/2 hours sleep I thought I better wake her up..

    I would like to say I was just busy doing all sorts of important things and lost track of time.. But I was actually talking to a friend on the phone, watched some of my TV series, came on here and then had a nap.

    Tonight DDs bed time rocks around...

    Dh: "How much sleep did L have today?"
    Me: "She didn't sleep well today.. She only slept for an hour"
    **meanwhile little miss is bouncing off the walls**
    Dh: "Why Is she acting like that then?!"
    Me: "maybe she is just overtired.."
    Dh: "probably, did you get around to doing those Excel sheets today?"
    Me: "Oh no sorry hun, she woke up early and was really grumpy so I didn't get a chance"

    I do feel pretty bad... But I have to say the nap and lazy me time was totally worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by shani2 View Post
    My DP does this to the dog now sees him picking his nose then sits there waiting for it. It is so absolutely disgusting. I think it's the most gross thing he does, didn't realize other people do it to!
    Oh yes... This is what my DP does.. The dog really thinks she is getting an extra special treat when this happens... (seems to work even better then smacko's!)


    However, I am all for snuggling under a blanket, feet on the floor, prodding my dog to curl up around my feet and lick them lol... So gross! But it just feels lovely lol.. (it's just a little dog..) He spends a good 5 - 15mins getting in and about each foot... lol

    And OMG, I thought I was a 'bad house keeper' when my sheets sometimes stay on for an extra week... Usually I changed them at the end of each week.. Feeling so much better now


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