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    Wow this thread has been an amazing read, enjoyed every post

    Its nice to feel that others can relate. My DD is 9 months old so have only been a SAHM for a short time, but i am starting to feel its getting very groundhog dayish

    I was so over working, the stress, the rat race everyday was picturing myself being some kind of stepford wife, baking and cleaning all day, having dinner ready at exactly 6pm with a big smile on my face but im starting to feel now like id love something to break the week up, but i dont really have a choice, ive got to be a SAHM and wouldnt put my DD into childcare anyway.

    I swear the biggest headache for me atm is housework, i just feel like no matter how hard i try i cant keep up and cause we live iun a 2 bdr small unit i have to try and keep it tidy otherwise ill go insane. Some days i feel like just giving up i hate it. I try and remember that feeling of how much i hated going to work and spending my weekends doing housework etc but right now i feel like i just need a break!!

    ETA i am sick atm and my DD is just getting over croup so that doesnt help, i havent been out of the house in days
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquillah View Post
    Roopee- I am sorry you have had a bad day. I think your a wonderful mother from the things you say!!

    This may be a drastic measure, but are they old enough to shock a little? Maybe you can tell them that they need to see how good they have it in life. Get them to bundle a heap of their toys up and get them to clean them and they can march down the local hospital to the kids ward. Maybe seeing sick children might help? Maybe ring the ward clerk and ask if they can visit the kids? Take in balloons out of their own money or something?

    Are the oldest ones enough to help out in a soup kitchen one night for a couple of hours? Really drive home how bad some people do have it? Can you cut pocket money and they can all sponsor a child in Somalia?

    If these ideas are not suitable, sorry just thinking maybe taking a whole another track with them. I would be cutting back on all luxuries and telling them until they can start been appreciative they can earn those luxuries back. I would do TV, food, time with friends etc! Your a wonderful mother and you can remind them who is boss! They might resent it for a while but they will learn a valuable lesson.
    If your DH and present a united front they will lean quick enough.
    This afternoon marked BIG changes in my house. I hit the 'stuff this for a joke' wall and decided enough was enough.
    I am sick to the teeth of listening to them moan over utter crap. About nothing at all! NOTHING!
    So? The boys, who are 10 and 8, were asked to write out what they like about this family, what they don't like, and what we could do better. So we now have a poster of 'house values' up on the wall, with a bit of give and take from all of us.

    The girls of course, got to have their input too.

    I have told them because I am sick to death of them telling me they have nothing and how unfair it is that I dont buy them stuff just 'because', that their $10 a week allowance they get from doing chores is theirs to spend on their extra stuff. if you want a football, buy it, don't hassle ME out for it because thats what YOUR money is for.
    Anyway, our house values are all up, they are all positive....so instead of "dont hit" we have "it feels bad to hurt others', I have tried to put a reasonably positive spin on it.

    Hope it works because I am at a loss. And they are sapping me of my soul these little turds

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    I just have to say that I love this post!


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