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    Default TESA/Testicular biopsy

    hey all

    We have recently done our second stim cycle which unfortunately hasnt worked for us. DH sample was worse than the first time and again had to do two samples second sample they found 3 swimmers to inject!!.

    We are going to have follow up review appointment with FS in August and look to do another cycle early October once PHI has kicked in and so we can get in another cycle prior end of calendar year.

    This time I did antaganist cycle rather than down reg and only got 3 eggs compared to 10 mature ones last time with down reg (4 fertilised). Think FS might recommend that i go back to down reg esp as sperm seems to be the issue.

    Has anyone done this and found a good result on the biopsy? Any feedback and information wojuld be great. is the biospy done at the same time as the EPU and for anyone under CFC in Melbourne I am assuming this would be done at the hospital they go to?

    Many thanks in advance for your information.

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    Hi,Im in Melbourne and my DH and I did 5 ICSI stim cycles and on the 6th cycle our FS sugested we do a TB.We got a BFP and now have an adorable DD.Im about to go back to do a final 7th stim cycle to see if any luck with getting one more child.I think the biopsy and a few other factors worked in our favour.Im convinced the TB improved our embryo's as we never had that many make it to Day 5 and about 8 did in cycle 6 to my absolute surprise.Im not sure the quality of all of those was any good except for the sucessful one we didnt get frosties but we never did anyway in all the cycles we did.Good luck with it I'd highly recommend the TB for your DH


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