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    Good to hear I hope they stay on that path!

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    How are things now?

    I haven't commented on this thread before and it's been quiet since August, but I'm hoping things are good now for you and your husband has had a change of attitude towards safety. I would think hearing stories about how toddlers have been injured would be most affective in changing his behaviour. Maybe, look into the kidsafe info. They have numbers for things like how many kids are hospitalised after falls from cots every year.

    I guess the only thing I would add (from personal experience) is that leaving your husband won't stop him from being irresponsible with the kids while he has them for his fortnightly visits. In fact, it's almost worse because you really don't have any say in how he conducts himself any more (unless you can prove repeated lack of care and can afford to fight for full custody in court) and you don't know what else he's doing wrong without being under the same roof. I suppose your kids will tell you some things, but you'd prob rather they have a good father-child relationship than having them 'report' or 'dob in' daddy after each visit. And of course, he could do the same with monitoring your every behaviour through the kids.

    I had a useless husband (would feed, hold or change baby) with less than adequate safety concerns for our baby. For instance, he wanted to buy a metal dog fence instead of a playpen bc he thought it would be cheaper. He walked out when bub was 10m old, but now suddenly wants to be a dad every 2nd weekend. When I go to drop bub off, the house is covered in dog hair, bub has full access to the kitchen and there is no baby-proofing, ex is always running late with organising his dinner. I don't know if he uses sunscreen when he should, I don't know if he plays with the large dog unsupervised, etc., etc. Every time he goes there, I just hope he comes home unscathed. I can't do anything about it until there is actually an accident that I can prove was due to inadequate care! It's completely awful! I'm so much less stressed when he's in childcare, because I know they have high standards of safety and care.

    So I hope your husband is on the improve, and you don't have to feel that awful stress again. Feel free to read him this post if it helps!


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