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    Default Could i possibly be pregnant?Need opinions

    So i had DS 9 months ago then in march this year i started bleeding which was light then moderate then got super super heavy to extremely heavy so i saw a Gyno finally, and on 7th june we decided on the mirena.Within a week it had lessened and within 2 weeks it had stopped, i have spotted twice since..but i have been experiencing the weirdest things lately like little niggly pains in my tummy like when you first feel your baby kick and also been having heart burn at night...i was tested when i had the heavy bleeding to rule out misscarriage or if i was still pregnant and it was negative but between that test and having the mirena inserted DP and I did have unprotected sex a few times..could it be possible to have fallen pregnant even while 99% of the time i had moderate to heavy bleeding???

    The mirena was inserted to treat menorhaggia

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    hey hun, go back to ur GP and ask for a blood test. I guess it could be possible.

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    I think it's your uterus 'getting used to' or rejecting the mirena.

    I had it put in early last year (for the same reasons, with an additional sensitivity to the Pill), but was diagnosed with CIN III cervical dysplasia from the pap smear my OBGYN did at the insertion. However, from when it was inserted, to when I had it removed about six weeks later, I had random sharp pains, weird period-like pains and was also a bit 'off' like I had morning sickness.

    Definitely speak with your OBGYN (not just a GP) and if it doesn't settle down I would look at alternate options.

    I doubt that you could be pregnant...not only unlikely with the heavy bleeding, but also because the mirena would have caused spontaneous miscarriage (that is one of its two ways of working) by not allowing the ovum to implant.

    Although there are heaps of fors and against mirena on the web, I am not against the concept. It just wasn't the right contraceptive for me.


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