Dear Parents and Carers,

My name is Jessica Cowin, and I am a mum of 3 and part time student, currently completing my 4th year in Psychology at Charles Sturt University.

As part of my course requirements, I am doing a research project looking at the use of bedtime routines and the sleep habits of 3yr old children. This study has been given ethics approval by the Charles Sturt University, School of Psychology Ethics Committee.

My reason for doing this research is to look at which aspects of bedtime routines promote good sleep habits for children and reduce the likelihood of sleep disturbances. Something important to all parents!!

If you are over 18 and have a child who is currently 3 or was born in 2008, could you please take a few moments to complete my survey online? There is a detailed information sheet preceding the survey, it should take less than 30mins and is completely anonymous.

Additionally, if you know anyone else who qualifies for this study and may be interested in participating, please feel free to pass the link on.

Please click on this link if you would like to participate (or copy and paste it to your web browser):

Thank you for time and for considering to participate in this study, it is much appreciated!
If you have any questions, you can contact me at
Thanks and Regards,
Jess Cowin