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    Default 6 month old nap times/feed times

    How long should a 6 month old go between naps if he only catnaps (38 minutes)? He seems to be lasting longer, around 2.5 hours now but this is pushing his last nap of the day out so he's having it around 5pm. He has 3 naps per day. His wakeup times vary a lot - anything from 5.30am to 9am but generally is around 8am.

    5pm seems too late for a nap to me? He often isn't asleep at night till 8.30ish but always without fail wakes after one sleep cycle and takes till 10pm to go down for his long nighttime sleep (which is punctuated by wakeups all night long because of reflux).

    Also how long should he go between feeds? I'm trying to feed him every 3 hours so he's not hungry at night but he still wakes because of reflux anyway so I don't think it makes much difference. We are just starting BLW so he's not getting much in the way of solids


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    hi, my two babies were on 3 naps a day at that age but would only last about 1.5 hours between naps. but thats ok if yours is staying up longer they are all different. maybe you could try putting him down at 4pm instead of 5pm or 4.30 and see if it gives you an earlier bedtime? I remember my boy having a 4.30/5pm nap then going to bed at 7.30/8. He just couldn't last without that 3rd nap. but now he is on two naps a day and goes to bed at 6.45pm

    between feeds I think 3/4 hours is great. my 15 month old still wakes up and I feed him back to sleep.


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