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    Hi OBD, I sure am grateful for modern science & the amazing IVF technology. Not many can say they knew the sex of their child(ren) before they conceived! Great to hear you have the ball rolling for March, I hope your diet & exercise pays off and you get your BFP this time

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    Lindy thats exciting! Id find out..Im shocking Countdown is on until march now!

    OBD - Lovely to hear from you! Good luck with your EPU and transfer in March.. its the lucky month for everyone!

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    Hello ladies and Mr Ken,
    My god was so lovely to hear from some of you again. I would've written back but given it's been such a long time i forgot my password and username (hoping it's preganncy brain as im PUPO!)

    Lindy - yay for your 'normal' embies at least u know u have the best of the best going back in. Good luck for march and keep us posted.

    OBD - yay for march too, hoping it's gunna be the best month for you. Good luck with the weight loss, so hard when all the drugs we take add weight and decrease whatever motivation we have left!

    RWS - yay for a pink one! HOping the rest of this pregnancy is being a bit kinder to you and please take it easy.

    Mr Ken - thinking of you all and hoping things are going well.

    Lola - yay for being PUPO when is ur BT?

    AFM - we did an antagonist cycle as they were worried i would over stim like last time (and wasn't keen to go back to hospital for 5 days again). However, they ended up under stimulating me (im like the bloody goldie locks of ivf!!) and had told us to consider cancelling cycle as may only get 1-2 eggs. We decided to go ahead and got 4 and all 4 fertilised (woo hoo). So we now have one in and got one to freeze (other two didn't make it). BT is tomorrow and i have really sore boobs (sorry if TMI) and really hoping this is a good sign as only time this has ever happened was when i was first preg.

    Ok guys have a good week and hoping we can still keep this thread going. Thinking of all the other ladies too and hoping they have some good news. xxx


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