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    i'm so anal too....actually have ocd and really constantly remind myself 'it's okay i didn't mop the floors today'....lol

    luckily hubby is a chef so i don't worry about food. i think keeping the living room/open kitchen area clean is priority for me as visitors don't go anywhere else. as long as that is tidy i don't stress as much.

    you sound as though you have everything covered with food, shopping and cleaning so all you really need to do is focus on bub (and yourself!!). as for visitors, they honestly don't expect you to bake them fresh cookies or serve a meal, just tea/coffee is fine. okay, maybe a tim tam....

    i live rurally so when people 'drop in' they don't stay for half an hour, they tend to stay 3 or 4 which is hard at times so i'd rather people visit me in hospital and keep home visits for close family/friends.

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    Thankfully we live 30 mins out of town and people here don't like to "travel" and arrive unannounced and my family live in QLD (we're in Tas).

    With other who might be inclined to visit unannounced and even with those wish to visit the hospital, I'll be setting limits as this time has been a long time coming for us and we want it to be quite private and personal for us to start with.

    So, no, we won't be telling anyone until LO is actually quite a few hours old and then visitors only a couple at a time and not too many in total. Also want to have quite a block of time at home with hubby and LO and with the risk of bubs being unprotected from whooping cough I don't want a heap of people around her for a while. We'll be camping in for the most part at least for the short term.

    I say that it's your call entirely who visits, when they visit and how long they stay etc. If people don't like it/get offended or snooty about it, it's really not your concern.

    You're not in the business of making others happy - you're in the business of making your new baby happy and settled and your little family secure and attached


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    I'm not due for another 3 months but I've already put the word out that I dont want visitors (whether it be hospital or home) for at least 2 weeks.... I'm actually pushing for 30 days. I dont really care what people think or if they dont like it, they've got the rest of her life to visit, they can wait a week or 2. As it is our baby will have surgery as soon as she's out so there's no way I'm putting her at risk by having people breathing over or touching her until she's built up enough immunity to cope with it.

    We've booked a house cleaner too and I'm loving your idea of freezing meals, going to get straight on to that!!! The laundry I'm not bothered about, the cleaning lady can hang the washing out, my partner can bring it in and he can iron his own shirts. I'll be in my pyjamas for a few weeks so I can avoid the iron.

    Congratulations on your baby, best of luck with the delivery.


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