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    Hi girlies

    So much to catch up on so heh hemmm...

    Bubba - Thank you sweet heart! I have been googling like a maniac today and yesterday looking for answers as to why I am getting these "symptoms". I too have had throbbing around my right ovary only today which is quite breathe taking when it occurs and I've not had it before! Also, based on my O pains im pretty sure I o'd on the left so I dont know whats going on there. I googled myself down a rabbit hole that said something about your ovaries hurting because they are gearing up for increased hormone production, kind of like a swollen gland to fight and infection (not a nice analogy, but its the best my nurses brain can do! ). How many DPI are you?

    Lisa - Thank you!

    Lovepink - Thank you also, and enjoy the gold coast. I'm so jealous!

    Nocturne - Thanks for the advice. I know that high levels of progesterone and oestrogen are required to sustain a pregnancy, hence why some women describe tender breasts etc prior to implantation, but after fertilisation, as it is actually those hormones that make our boobs sore, can give headaches etc. Where as Hcg is produced by the presence of embryonic tissue and assists in maintaining the presence of the uterine lining. Thats from one of my pathophysiology books from uni, not google. I do hope your cramps bugger off soon! They should subside once your HCG levels are sky high enough to make your uterine lining realise that it's not going anywhere for a good 9 months!

    AFM 6 dpo today and been having a weird, deep, throbbing pain around my right ovary. Definitely not my appendix as its too low. I have kind of become numb to the excitement now, too scared to get my hopes up to have them smash at our feet again. I also have a horrible chest infection, snotty nose and feel like im coughing up broken glass form my chest, it hurts so bad! Luckily I work with doctors and pharmacists who assisted me in some antibiotics today to clear that right up. Actually, must check the pregnancy category of them before taking anything! Oh the trouble, there's better be a pregnancy at the end of this or i'll be very put out.

    Baby dust, luck and cuddles to everyone who needs one! And sorry if I forgot anyone!

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    Annie - Aww poor you, sorry to hear you are sick! That sucks. Hopefully those antibiotics will be ok to take and you'll feel better soon.

    Lisa - Hanging out on Bubhub isn't a bad way to spend the night. At least you weren't painting your laundry (like I was!)... ok I need to get a life too! haha

    Silent - Sorry to hear your DP is having intimacy issues, that must be so difficult. But good on him for seeking help about it, very impressive for a guy to do.
    Holy crackers viagra is pricey!!!! I hope it helps with everything if you can't find another solution. Good luck with the SA too, fingers crossed the results will be good.

    Nocturne - It's a bugger that the cramps are so painful! Booo! Have you had any BTs done to check your levels? Maybe that might help ease your nerves a bit while waiting for the scan?
    The party planning is still chaotic! I don't think I'll do this again any time soon! DH actually said to me this afternoon that he didn't even want to celebrate his birthday this year...... Yeh? well too freakin bad buddy!!!

    Pink - Hmmmm I don't really know my neighbours all that well... other than the occasional wave when we're out in the yard. Might be a bit weird if I show up on their doorstep with a grocery load of party food! hahaha
    Woohoo for the weekend away at the coast! Hope you have an awesome time!

    Bubba - Hahah don't worry about it, we all have a touch of dementia here and there (It visits me regularly!). Oh, now that you mention it, I do have a couple of cheap poxy heaters!... the only problem is that they short out the house! LOL! So we'll freeze and be in the dark! Worst case scenario I'll just run around with the hair dryer and point it at various people who look cold.
    I hope the ovary pain goes away soon, must be annoying!

    Chunky - Glad to hear that your DHs SA came back ok, and Yay for ovulating! But it's still annoying waiting and wondering. Hopefully your wait won't be too much longer.

    AFM - DH sprained his ankle on Thursday (yoiks!) It was all swollen and black! But it's getting better and he has still managed to help me with a few things (thank GOD!). He is barely even limping now, it's kind of miraculous!
    Got a lot more done on the laundry this week, and I rekon by tomorrow it should be pretty much finished (barring a few minor details) I keep walking past and staring in! It's so pretty!!!
    Now to start 'operation: clean up' and get rid of all the crap laying around the place. I'm slowly getting there!

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    I really am so crap at being near the internet around weekends, we're just too busy!

    So, FS appt on Friday was umm, a massive let down. Not because she said anything terrible, just that I'd built it up to be the most amazing informative session EVER and it was kinda just a follow up, like I'd been told it would be. Oops.

    My cervix and uterine cavity were all normal, except for the very small opening which was 'dilated with care.' I was given the number of the TasIVF guy and told to get on the waiting list now because it can be a 3-4 month wait and if we're not UTD by then then at least there'll be an IVF consult just around the corner. She seemed to think that we would have no problems now, so I suppose we're now officially a normal healthy couple. With a 'get pregnant in 3-4 months or it's IVF for you!' threat hanging over our heads. Needless to say I was sobbing on the phone to my SIL afterwards who told me I should ignore all time pressures.

    Then AF came today. For some reason this did not surprise me so I wasn't very upset at all. I think I shall study my new Billings method book over the next two weeks.

    I'll do personals later or tomorrow!

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    OMG... i have missed out on so much in the week or so i've been MIA... sorry for that.. life seems to have taken over most things and have been completely exhausted... which i was beginning to consider as a sign of being UTD..only to receive my visit from AF on Saturday... so now back to the drawing board for us!

    I plan on coming back tomorrow and reading through everything i have missed.. until then, to all!!!


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    it's been very quiet in here!

    I'm just hanging out at my parent's place, and I will be back with DP tomorrow thankfully. I hate being at my parents.

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    Magic, Gosh, you are a busy woman!! SOunds like DH's party is really coming along and you are sorting out all your heating issues the hair dryer idea sounds perfect! He may not want to celebrate but I'm sure he will appreciate all your hard work, or at least he better or else

    Lovepink, enjoy the coast!! it;s always nice to get away for a bit. How's everything going?

    Summa, How are you going hun? How exciting that you already know it's a boy!

    Silent, sorry to hear about DH's issues. I hope the dr figures something out. And I hope the SA goes well.

    angelski, sorry AF showed her ugly face

    Ellystar, It's never nice to have a time bomb ticking somewhere, but you know all is well for you and DH, so try and enjoy babymaking for the next few months and see how that goes. You haven't been trying that long. And if you want, you could always push off the FS appointment if you don't feel like going down that route so soon. Remember, the choice is yours.

    BubbaHow are you hun? Sorry to hear about the pains...

    Nocturne, Those cramps must be nerve racking, but I hope it's all part of bub settling in comfortably.

    Hi to everyone else, I hope you are all going well.

    AFM, Been jabbing away (well DH has anyway!) and my stomach really looks like I'm a junky or something. I've been getting small bruises lately (after over 2wks of injection, who'd be surprised) and sometimes bleed after the shot. FS said that DH might be doing it wrong, but I know he's not, just my stomach is starting to feel hard and bruised!
    Well after 5days of Gonal f 150, I had BT and a scan and have 4follies on either side. I was a little disappointed with that, as last time I had 12 in total. but since I am doing a down reg cycle this time, I guess things are different, right? fewer but better? I was hoping EPU would be around the weekend but now i'm not so sure anymore as the largest follie was 10mm only. Oh well, waiting to hear from the FN what's next...
    Oh and I have fluid in my uterus Not sure what to make of it but the FS said not to worry about it for now...
    Gosh, I can't wait to be done with this... I don't think I'll ever do a down reg again.

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    Nocturne- that sucks that they have got worse. Mine continued until i was about 8 weeks. My sister had them until 12. The freak you out! When is your 1st scan??????

    Silent- sorry to hear about DP's issues. I hope the dr can find something to sort it out or at least make it a little better.

    Lisa- how are you going?????? Not that long to go!

    Annie- i hope you are starting to feel better! Lucky working with all those people to pick their brains

    Magic- How is DH's ankle? How are all the party plans going?????? not long now! I love suprise partied so exciting!!!!

    Elly- hopefully the next 3-4 months will bring a wonderful bfp and you won't need to go down that road!!

    Angel- sorry for nasty af showing up- doesn't she know she isn't wanted!

    Chic- glad your cycle is underway- hopefully a few more lovely follies will grow over the next few days!!! Did you use gonal f last time? I didn't respond very well to it- actually not at all! But others have had awesome eggies with it! They will be lovely good quality eggies! I have everything crossed for you!

    Bubba- how are you going hun?

    Summa- how is the 2nd tri treating you??

    AFM- Had a really nice but soooooo busy weekend on the Gold Coast- was that busy we didin't even go to the beach but at least got to see it from our room
    I have my 12 weeks scan on Monday which is really exciting! Can't wait!

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    Hi Girls!
    Hope everyone is well!
    Chic - You poor thing!! Sounds like you're not having a fun time at the moment I really hope everything works out for you & hubby xx

    Angelski - sorry to hear AF has arrived - for next month! i hope you don't have a long wait for your BFP!

    Elly - I totally hear you!! We've made the same appointment although the doc says that it might take 4-6 months... we got in in 4 weeks!! So get pregnant now or next steps. PRESSURE! But at least its not, lets try for another 6 months and then think about it so in the end maybe think of it as an insurance plan... you wont need that appointment!!

    Annie - Hope you're right about the symptoms...!! EXCITING!! Lots of to you!

    Magic - How exciting all your reno's will be done!! YAY!! Its always so much nicer coming home and seeing all the hard work you've done. Although bummer about DH's ankle!! Poor thing! Hopefully he'll be right before the big bash!

    Lovepink - How exciting to see your bubs next week!! Make sure you post a scan photo No BFP (AF came)... I'm just hoping for something by christmas.... is that too much to ask!

    Silent - Sorry to hear you're not having a great time How did DP go yesterday??

    Nocturne - YES! I couldn't believe we got an appointment so quick! We have our first appointment at the IVF clinic 19th August so hopefully we'll come away from that with a game plan. How's the pregnancy going?! Is it 5 weeks to go til the scan? EXCITING!!!

    Lisa - Congrats on your friends baby boy! Exciting. Nothing like a newborn to make you smile I would LOVE a holiday... just no time right now but Hubby and I are planning a Spa Retreat weekend for our anniversary... ahhhh bring on the massages!!

    Bubba - How are you going?? I hope your ovaries are being kinder to you & not being so sore I feel for you & your hubby going through this & I hope you're ok. O/S travel with work is ok sometimes, but I'm starting to think its not worth it with all the stress & importance is all relative - i.e. I'm not curing cancer (or helping people have babies!).

    A big to everyone else!

    AFM - As I said previously, I got my appointment with the IVF clinic next month YAY... PROGRESS!! And in the meantime the doctor has prescribed Metformin twice a day. Has anyone else been on this??! I am feeling like complete sh*t in a word. I'm not sure what other people have experienced but I'm tired & nauseas and OVER IT. I went to the GP and she said if I feel so bad than to not take it so I'm going off it from now and then just wait until I see the FS and see what she says. I just can't deal with work & feeling like this.


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    Hello ladies!!

    Bubba-Sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope it passes soon. I think of you often and am sending you a million

    Nocturne-Cramping in early pregnancy is always a little scary. I had cramping on and off up until 12 weeks or so. How are you feeling?

    Pink-Hooray for almost 12 weeks!!! And hooray for the 12 week scan!!! Glad you had a nice time on the Gold Coast!!

    Magic-Glad to hear the plans for DH's party are all coming together. Sounds like you have been busy around the house too. How is DH's ankle?

    Silent-Sorry to hear about DP's problems. I hope the SA comes back all clear.

    Lisa-How are you and bubba travelling? Counting down the days until you get to meet the little one?

    Annie-Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope you are feeling better soon. You must be at the tail end of your TWW..I hope there's a BFP!

    Elly-Sorry to hear the FS appointment was a bit of a let down. That's great that you have a referral to the IVF clinic, but lets hope you don't need it! for AF showing up.

    Angelski- to you too for AF's unwanted arrival.

    Chic-Hooray for jabbing (well asides from that fact of the needles!). Sorry to hear about the bruises. Mine are finally starting to fade after all the Clexane needles. Have you heard when EPU will be yet?? Wishing you lots of luck.

    Chunky-Great that you have an appointment with the IVF clinic. It's scary but exciting taking the next step! I was put on Metformin and in the beginning it gave me severe gastro-intestinal upsets (that's it's main side effect) to the point that I lost about 10kg in less than 2 months. I felt nauseous and crampy and horrible for a few months but then my body adjusted to it. The second time I was on it the new FS prescribed a slow release version of it and that did not give me the awful side effects, so may be worth checking with your doctor about that one.

    to anyone I may have missed.

    AFM-Been super busy at work..not great when all I want to do is curl up under my desk and have a nap! Yup, still waiting for the 2nd trimester energy to kick in! Asides from that I am feeling good. I have definitely popped which is exciting...can't wait until its obvious enough for people to realise I am pregnant and not fat.

    Booked my morph scan for the 22 August. I'll be just over 19 weeks. DH will be away at work so my mum and sister are coming so they can take a look at. This is the longest I have gone in between scans so it's kind of making me worry about bubba. It helps that I have my friends doppler and I have been listening to the heartbeat every day.

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    Summa - Yay for popping! Have you taken any belly pics? The Doppler must be awesome, I totally want one! Glad that your Mum and sister will be going with you to the morph scan, and booo for DH working!
    DH's ankle is much much better! Very surprising recovery!

    - The reno's are FAR from finished, but the parts that are finished are nice. Yippee for getting the IVF appointment! What date is it? I'll put it on our list. Sorry to hear you are having such a crap time with the metformin

    - Err, the party plans are going ok-ish, had a little bugger up yesterday, see below. Glad to hear you had a nice time at the coast, even though you sound like were running around like a headless chook! Yay for the scan on Monday! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    - Awww your poor belly! A down reg sounds awful! Should more follies develop over the coming days do you think? Hope EPU isn't going to be much further away, you have waited sooooooooo long!!!
    I'm sure DH will appreciate all my hard work, I think it will make a lot more sense when he realises WHY I have been working so hard too!

    - Hope hanging at your parents house wasn't too awful!

    - Booo for AF showing her ugly face!

    - Sorry to hear that AF arrived for you as well. Hopefully you will be successful now with your shiny new cervix and won't need to have your IVF consult.

    How is everyone else doing???

    - My mum decided to tell me last night that her, dad and my cousin aren't staying overnight on Saturday now..... because she wants to be home on Sunday to do her washing..... Yeh, she's like that. I'm not all that surprised, but I am annoyed as we have booked other relatives into motels because there wasn't enough room for everyone to stay here. Grrrrr!
    Anyway, I made DH a pretty B'day card for everyone to sign as a keep sake. Have a look and tell me what you think? I hope it's 'manly' enough.

    Birthday Card


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