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    Sorry I haven't been on in a long while!! My daughter is now almost 3 and she still sees her osteo. Mainly for maintenance. We went to a physio from when she was 3 months to 1 year and there was no improvement. I found her osteo and within weeks of seeing him there was a massive improvement!

    Now at 3 you wouldn't know she had torticollis. She had a big mop of curly hair but under there she still has a flat spot. (Known as plagiocephaly).

    I might add that she was diAgnosed with a seizure disorder at 18 months and the neuro had to rule out that her plagiocephaly was not the cause because apparently if it gets bad enough it can put pressure on the Brian or cause a fluid build up. So I can't stress enough to get it treated and sorted! The younger the better!

    If you are in Sydney and want a good osteo , can't recommend my daughters osteo enough. He pretty much cured her torticollis in a few months! His name is Adam from In Touch Osteo (02)4648 3500.

    Please don't leave it. They very rarely grow out of it. I would also be interested to know, out of all the bubbas in here with tort. How many were forceps delivered?

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    We initially went to an osteo when my DD was only a few weeks old, but unfortunately they didn't pick up on the tort & we were told there was nothing wrong. Being new parents we didn't know anything else so didn't make the connection with the bf issues. We found chiro was best along with stretching & Bowen to help release the SCM muscle. I agree definately don't leave it to fix itself! I only wish I'd done something sooner.

    We didn't have a forceps birth, it was pretty much a completely normal SVD. But I did however have large uterine fibroids which meant she was stuck in a certain position in the womb & was competing for space & my cervical canal was deviated. So that's probably why she had a tort.

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    Thanks for all your replies, We go to physio once a fortnight and it is improving alot, I just wanted to make sure I am doing all I can for him. His head shape is improving now I sleep him on his side all night and the stretches are totally paying off. We are now onto strengthening exercises so that the tilt it getting better slowly. Its so frustrating as it is a long process with only small improvements that are noticeable.

    DS isn't move in utero at all, head was pretty much ready to go from the beginning, I also have a forcep delivery to could have been either in our case.

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    Just thought I'd add my experience. I had heaps of trouble getting baby to latch, and so we gave up on breastfeeding (and expressing) after two weeks. Although a midwife visited for six weeks after birth, they never checked if she had a torticollis (but looking back at photos, I can see it very obviously now). I had a problem-free, short (5hr) vaginal birth, so can only assume it happened from position in-utero.

    The GP pointed out at 6 weeks that my bub drops her head to the right instead of staying centred. All the doctor said then was to keep an eye on it. After a long road trip, I noticed it was worse (very bad idea, will not be travelling long distances in a car with any of my bubs in the future). I saw a physio when bub was three months, and she said she definitely has a left torticollis (I think she had lost about 20 degrees of rotation there), with a bit of head-flattening (not too bad really, think it was because she was rarely laid down during the day... too many relatives wanted to hold her over Xmas). Two physio appointments over two weeks (and I'll admit, some pretty dedicated work on my part) got her to use her full range again. So this is the easy part -- getting rid of the tightness. Then there's the tilt -- as Nala9000 said, it is a long process. Problem with the tilt is two-fold, there is the muscle weakness and also baby starts to think that the tilt is 'normal'. Her tilt is taking longer to fix (and the physio told me this would be the case), however I have noticed a huge improvement since she started physio, and we are now three and a half weeks in (3 sessions). Physio was quite confident her condition would improve, made the last appointment a month later. I was considering also seeing an osteo/chiro, but really, there has been so much improvement from physio that I wouldn't want to mess with it. My pediatric physio has something like 8 years experience, and she said her clients rarely need to get a baby helmet. If you live in Brisbane, feel free to PM me for the physio's details.

    Some really helpful tips I got from the physio is:
    * put toys on the side the baby doesn't like looking at -- do this for the cot, car seat, pram and their playtime area
    * Try to get your baby to play on their side (in my bubs case, baby has flat spot on right side of head, she plays on her left side with a folded towel under head to make sure her head tilts in opposite direction to way it does from the torticollis)
    * To encourage your bub to look a certain direction, put a rolled up receiving blanket under the shoulder blade of the opposite shoulder, this encourages their head to look the other way. I do this during her daytime naps, as she flips her head back to her flat spot otherwise. Only do this if you are supervising the nap. At night-time, we try to get her to lay on her left side, but it's less important cause we are making up for it during the day.


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