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    Default Implantation bleeding, or UTI bleeding?

    Hello beautiful ladies

    It is mine and DP's third month of TTC, so far with no luck but i won't give up!

    So i used the OPK, and assumed i was ovulating on either Saturday or Sunday. So i'm either 4-5DPO right now. Today i just started getting symptoms of an UTI (urinary tract infecfion) such as the urge to pee nearly every 10 minutes, and the pain of It.

    But today i have also noticed some light bleeding. This isn't blood found in my urine, thankfully, otherwise i would need to see the doctor straight away. But when ever i went to the toilet and wiped, i had a fair amount of light reddish blood mixed in with my CM.

    This has lasted sinse late morning today until around dinner time. The blood comes and goes, it stops then comes back. I've been drinking so much water to help with my infection, so i'm not sure if the bleeding i was having is from the infection or implantation bleeding??

    I have had UTI's a few times and have never experienced bleeding with it. The bleeding isnt heavy at all, its just light red.

    So has any one of you ladies got a clue what this could be? Or has anyone experienced this before? Im sort of worried about this, and im seeing a doctor when i get the chance. I hope this is implantation bleeding!! But i thought that only happens around 6-12DPO. Oh i forgot to mention i have been cramping too, today it felt like AF cramps, but i am not due for my period for 1 and a half weeks.

    Any thoughts would be great
    baby dust to all TTC this month

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    Default Same this is happening to me!

    Hello! So, basically the same thing is happening to me. My period is due in about a week and a half and yesterday morning I woke up, went to the restroom and when I wiped there was a very small amount of blood. I thought it was strange because my period never comes that early but I put a pad on and tried to go back to sleep. I ended up not being able to fall asleep because of cramps (similar to AF cramps but with a few sharper pains in my lower abdomen) and lower back pain. When I went to the bathroom again there was no blood on the TP but just a few small brown spots on my pad... I went to the bathroom again about an hour later and my urine was a slight brown color, I don't know if it was actually my urine tho or just some blood from my vagina coming out as I urinated.
    I didn't have any more blood the rest of the day but then this morning when I wiped there were two VERY SMALL spots on the TP.

    I have been having to pee every 30 minutes or so since yesterday and it doesn't sting until the end of the stream...
    There is no Oder at all and the urine isn't cloudy but actually quite clear (I have been loading up on water and taking cranberry pills)

    Sorry that was a bit long, im just curious to see what ended up happening for you?


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