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Have heard lots of good things about FPH & Freemasons. If anyone has experience at either of these hospitals and would feel comfortable sharing their ob's name I would appreciate it. I don't mean to pry so please don't worry if you don't want to share. I'd prefer a female ob but understand it's going to be a matter of who I can get in with as well.
I went to FPH, as well as my sister and a few friends. Can't recommend it highly enough, the midwives/care/food were all fantastic. It's also great piece of mind knowing the Children's is right next door, if god forbid anything happened to bubs.

My Ob was Peter Jurcevic - absolutely amazing and I'll be going to him next time too (a friend also used him and she was VERY high risk). He is a very big believer in letting nature take it's course as much as possible, has a very holistic approach (e.g. encourages hypno or calm birthing classes) and will only intervene if absolutely necessary. He books out early so get in quick, his rooms are at FPH.

Also doesn't hurt that he's very good looking :wink: even my DH joked about it to others!