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    Default Slow rising LH during FET

    I am doing my first FET (unmedicated) and my LH is slow to rise.

    My first scan on day 12 showed my lining was 7.7mm and I had a follicle at 19.7mm. My bloods also showed estrogen over 1000 but LH was only 2 and progrstrogen was <5%. Today is day 13 and my bloods have only shown my LH as 3.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    What does it mean?

    Is a follicle of 19.7mm big for a natural cycle?

    I thought this FET would be easier than a stimm cycle as my body is completly natural....Really need to hear from others!

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    Abubby, I do natural unmedicated FET's as well. All I can say is that I spend so much time waiting for my LH levels to reach the right level....I am Oving about Day 19-23 in the last few cycles....

    I dont ask my FS anything about size of follicles or lining....He just usually scans usually day11 and again Day 16 (and I do opks every day since Day 10)...says yep everything good (follicle big enough, lining good)....then sends me off to do BT's every 2nd day until i get a surge.....

    I really dont think it matters how long it takes you to get there as long as you get there...does that make sense? Im sorry I cant help you with the actual figures...I hope someone else can....


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