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    Default tafe vs uni

    hi, I am wondering if anyone could help me working out the diffeences between tafe and uni. I am in my first year of an early childhood education degree at uni but am finding it way too stressful and too hard to get homework done with a toddler around and partner that works away. Has anyone done tafe childrens services course and is it easier than university work?


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    I've done my Diploma in Children's Services, and have gone on to study an Early Childhood degree at uni.
    I think that the workload at Tafe was quite a lot less than at uni, and a lot of what I learned was far more hands on as opposed to essays and the like. Depending on where you are studying, you may find that there are more face to face classes but usually you won't have large chunks of time with no classes as seems to happen at uni. You also tend to get more support and scaffolding with assignments at Tafe than at uni, where it seems as though you just have to get through it on your own.
    If you were to study a Diploma at Tafe, chances are you would get some academic recognition of prior learning if you decide to go back to uni once your little one is older. Another consideration is the financial side- A Diploma at Tafe costs approximately 2000-3000 dollars total, whereas at uni the cost is that much a semester! Also, with the new Modern (national) Award, there is not as great a pay difference between Diploma trained staff and ECTs.

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    Hi laura and byron.

    I am a voc ed children's services trainer. While I studied education at uni (many years ago now!) my preference is to vocational education.

    To help you with the differences:

    TAFE or voc ed is competency based learning. It is all about your skills and knowledge and showing your understanding through workplace learning (like childcare placements). voc ed courses usually never have exams.

    Uni on the other hand is theoretical based learning. You will read about a topic than interpret it and write about it. All writing must be academically referenced to avoid plagiarism and the benchmark of assignments and exams are much higher than voc ed.

    So to answer your question, the children's services course is easier than uni work


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