How are you Rachel? Your story rings true with me. I think it's good to wait a little while and see what your body can do on it's own, but then, why suffer in this day and age? I only had a rectocele and have copied here what I have posted on other threads- I am wanting to encourage people like you because I was an absolute mess needing counselling when I found out! And now I am 100% me again.
If you hate your prolapse- GET IT FIXED!

I am almost 4 months post rectocele repair. BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE.
I was in absolute despair when I discovered it after baby #2- both births were a dream, 3kg babies, no tearing- who knows what happened! I was 32.
It was 1.5/2 degree 'bulge'. I had severe anxiety and depression over it, lost all confidence in the bedroom, couldn't do number 2 without a footstool and 'splinting'.
This is 2014- these things don't need to effect your daily life anymore and there is too much on the internet that says to just live with it. Having it fixed has completely changed my life for the better forever, I am THRILLED with the result. All the thrilled women forget to come back to these forums and tell others that there is light at the end of the tunnel. All you need is someone very experienced. Also, I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist and did the excercises religiously for 4 months when i first got 'diagnosed'. This along with pilates classes set me up for a strong easy peasy recovery.

-I had my surgery with a VERY experienced surgeon (30) years at North shore Private hospital in Sydney. I stayed 2 nights to get a break from the kids It was a posterior repair and that includes your perenium. If that is overstretched during birth, that's why the bulge is there, there's no perenium support fyi.
-I was up and about after a few days, the only pain I had was when I woke up from the op there was a bit of a 'crowning' sensation which i just took endones for.
I dreaded having the packing removed, but it did not hurt AT ALL. If you don't take stool softeners, doing a poo will hurt, so just take them, easy as that. I took them for 7 weeks but honestly, i was myself again after a few days.
-I waited til my son was 2.5 when he could climb into the car on his own and I wouldn't have to lift him. The kids are also able to understand that i don't lift anymore. But 3 months on I feel completely awesome and lift them when i feel like it.
- I had sex again at 7 weeks, it was fine, slight stinging. Again, 3 months later the sex is the best we have ever had. Ever!
I don't know why i agonised for so long over my prolapse- partly from googling too much and reading horror stories. Even the surgeon said he only recommends surgery for bad prolapses but if I still hated it after a year or so, or in ten years he would 'nip and tuck it'. So 2 years later i did it and it was the BEST decision ever!!!!
If I can help at all, ask me anything, think positive and don't do what i did which was let it get in the way of enjoying my gorgeous little kids.