WOW - this is a fantastic idea. I've been given all of the well meaning advice and the dreaded books on how to put your child in a regimented routine which I understand works for some but doesn't seem good for us and I was/am struggling to find the alternatives. I have a 9 week old DS who will not settle using either CC or CIO. He screams more & more each time, turns red, chokes and screams for ages. It breaks my heart to hear it. Fortunately he sleeps really well from 9pm to about 7am with only 1 feed in that time (normally about 4am), it's the days that are tough. I felt so guilty not leaving him to self settle and cry in his cot (he's never slept in our room) especially when surrounded by others with babies who self settle perfectly.
Our DS likes to be rocked either in our arms or in is rocker and that is the only way he will go to sleep and get decent rest for more than half an hour throughout the day. If he falls asleep in my arms then I put him down to bed and he's fine for at least 1.5 hours. If I make him self settle he screams for up to an hour, sleeps for maybe the same amount of time and wakes miserable and red eyed - poor little guy.
My dilemma now is - do I continue with what works for us now or do I put him through the heartache of screaming himself to sleep just because the nurses and other parents suggest it? I don't think I can do that to him.