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    thanks guys- I love the prep hats thing, so cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyCrazy View Post
    my DS1 is in prep at Kallangur State School. Ive found it to be really good. He loves going there, his teacher is very good. He is in the combined Prep/Year one class and has learnt heaps. He can now pretty much read a book, Write sentances, Knows some basic maths even! He is 5.

    when we went for the interview at the beginning of the year with the principal they actually sit u down one on one and go thru a series of questions and tests and activities with your child, which i thought was quite good.

    i like the prep levy too. a one off fee instead of paying seperately for school books and supplies. u pay one fee that covers everything for the whole year.

    oh and theyve also just added a new building (just being finished being built now), and put a whole heap of new play equipment in as well.

    anyways, i could really blab on about it, he loves it, i love it. if u want to ask me any specific questions im happy to answer

    My DD is in prep at petrie state school. I am considering to send my DD to kallangur state school as petrie state school is bit far now. Can you share any info about the kallangur state school which section/teacher is better for prep.
    Thanks n regards


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