I'm yet to buy a double pram because I haven't found one!!
I've been looking at the Strider, but ds is abit big for it already and I'm not sure how comforatbel he'll be in it. My problem is he's 16+kg at 21 months, very tall (above 97th percentile) and dd is only 7 weeks old and tiny, so I need something that'll last for both of them.
What do you recommend for my situation?? I already have the City Mini single which I'll admit I've never liked for ds and now hate for dd (I've been walking ds lately or putting dd in a sling but I can't do this forever) So I want to stay away from that brand.
What about Phil and Teds, Mountain buggy double, are they good to manouvre? good for a large toddler? Not too big for aisles etc.?

Your knowledge on double prams would be very much appreciated!