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    Default Have you attended a CVS test?

    Hi All,

    I just joined Bub Hub, and I feel a little selfish asking questions and in hope of support when i've just joined....

    I've just read a few other posts with provided me some valuable insight and i'm happy that people have experienced positive outcomes.

    I'm 28 and after attending my 12 week scan yesterday my husband and i left in shock at the high chance of trisomy 21 (1 in 21 chance). BHCG 2.23, PAPP A .43, NT 2.9mm. I have the same levels as a 45 plus year old...

    Whilst we have not decided on what outcome we would proceed with if there is a chomosome anomaly, we just want to know for now so are proceeding with CVS on Monday. I bought a detailed book on Down's Syndrome today and it has really opened by eyes.

    Has anyone undergone CVS, how long does it take, is there anything I need to do prior to my appointment (drink water etc)? I didn't really take in anything they said as I was making the appointment.

    Any positive stories welcomed! thanks for reading

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    I had an amnio which of course is a bit different and done later. It only took a few minutes. Did they give you a leaflet with info in it? Mine had detailed info about cvs and amnio in it.

    I had a 1/37 risk factor due to age 41 at the time and a 4.1 measurement. I went with amnio as that what both obs suggested and I had a history of miscarriage so it seemed the least risky option. No abnormalities were found.

    I wish you all the best with the wait for results as thats the worst part of it. Good luck.


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