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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdmeddie View Post
    Hi Girls,

    Well I know this post has not been posted on for a while but I thought I would provide an update on how my first cycle with immune treatment is going.

    We had our best IVF cycle - 4 eggs to blastocyst! There was no change to the cycle or meds so am wondering if the immune treatment also improved my egg quality? So we transfered 2 A grade blastocysts.

    Once again I did a HPT 5dpt and got a faint line, continued to test and the line got darker each day. And just like every other bio-chemical pregnancy I started to bleed 8dpt. Went in for blood test and HCG - 39. What happened in my 4 other bio-chemicals was the level would rise slightly or fall from here.
    However with this cycle I have had the following HCG's:

    13DPO - HCG 39
    16DPO - HCG 109
    18DPO - HCG 160
    20DPO - HCG 388
    22DPO - HCG 790

    But unfortunately I am still bleeding (have been bleeding now for 10 days). I am booked in for another intralipid infusion on Sunday. I am not confident that this is a sticky one, but as always hopeful .
    My FS and RI have not been overly confident either, they both have mentioned possible ectopic (massively freaking me out!!). But trying to just take it one day at a time, and look at this as a step in the right direction - we have never gotten these HCG levels before.

    I am however now positive that my problem all along has been NK cells, as they always seem to implant but never get any further than a couple of days. Even if this one doesn't stick around, I at least feel more optimistic about one day having one stick with the help of immune treatment.

    thank you so much for this update, this is really useful information, i am wondering if i have high NK cells, as i had a wonderful hatching embryo that implanted but failed to progress beyond the 5th week, and i had a missed miscarriage about a year ago now...i want to be tested! but i dont want the answer!

    can i ask how the antibiotic helps?? i dont get it? which one were you on and what dose?

    i wish you all the luck to get through this cycle, what a b**tch that it is not just going right, right now, lets hope its just some haematoma that will resolve itself, plesae keep us updated!

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    luvmybub08 - cant remember what the antibiotic was, it was just a standard one from memory. And to be honest I am not really sure why I took it! My guess is it is just a precaution. Next time I see my RI I will ask though.

    AFM - drama, drama, drama! Went to work on Friday and had a massive bleed. I called my IVF clinic - who told me to come in on Saturday morning for a blood test to check HCG levels, then called my RI and cancelled my intralipid infusion that was booked for Sunday, thinking all was over.

    Had cramping on friday night and heavy bleeding on Saturday. Had a big cry friday night with DH thinking all was over.

    Blood test on the Saturday showed HCG levels had doubled HCG - 2407. Still concerned about an ectopic pregnancy they booked me in for an ultrasound this morning.
    To my shock the ultrasound this morning showed a single sac and egg yolk. No heartbeat or embryo visible but apparently for 5 weeks 5 days this is not of concern (hoping that is correct!!). So still none the wiser as to why I am bleeding or if this pregnancy will continue to be ok.

    Booked in for another ultrasound next Tuesday, which if all is well should show a heartbeat. Plan to get another blood test on Wednesday to check my hcg levels again and then if all good will have my intralipid infusion this weekend.

    Am just emotionally exhausted, the next week is going to be another killer! I just pray the bleeding stops and that my immune treatment continues to do its job.

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    Default Hoping for the best

    Hi there Kdmeddie, I've just read your post from last year about your treatment for NK cells and your HCG levels rising despite bleeding. I'm not sure if you're still a member on this website, but I am a newbie and I wanted to ask, if you don't mind, how that pregnancy ended up? I am truly hoping that you ended up with a beautiful bubs... I really hope you had a happy ending.

    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 2.5 years so far. I am 31 and he is 35. I have had four early miscarriages (2 natural and 2 on fresh IVF cycles) and success currently feels as far away as ever. There have been lots of tears but I'm trying hard to remain positive, because at least we know we can produce good embryos - it's just that I can't seem to hang onto them. I've had many rounds of IVF which I've found very tough and we've both had every test under the sun and it turns out I've got something called Anti-phospholipid Syndrome (APS), also known as sticky blood - where apparently my small blood vessels tend to clot. The specialists don't know much about it at all, and it all seems so random to me - all they know is that they treat it with twice daily blood thinner injections and aspirin, etc. Some doctors have said, however, that it doesn't have any impact until 12 weeks, so it's still possible that we've just been really unlucky. I've had 3 D&Cs and two losses have been tested - one had a genetic fault (despite having Trisomy 7 it still got to heartbeat stage) and the other was unexplained, and the other two weren't tested for one reason or another.

    I had a biopsy last cycle and the specialist found raised NK cells. NK57 (I think?) was 4 times higher than it's supposed to be and that's the one that stays constant throughout a cycle so it's pretty clear something isn't right in there. I'm currently doing a FET (I've had so many failed FETs - unfortunately have never had any success) using prednisolone, anti-biotics, aspirin and I'll start the blood thinner injections around the time of ovulation.... I think this is about our 9th transfer all up. Our specialist won't transfer any more than one at a time because of the increased risks with APS. I'm classified as a "high risk" pregnancy (when and if I hopefully get pregnant again) so it's all looking pretty bleak if I'm really honest. So we are seriously looking into gestational surrogacy in the US. Never ever thought I'd be in this position...
    Nothing seems to be working and I don't know how much longer I can hang on on this rollercoaster ride. I'm in Adelaide and if anyone has any advice whatsoever please let me know!!
    Thanks so much in advance.


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