I have been getting irregular bleeding and bad BAD cramping with it for about 3 months. I would get what was like a normal period for about 3 days, stop for 2 days then bleed like i just had a baby for about a week, stop for a week then start again.
I went to the doctor and with past fertility problems and these problems she is suspecting Endometriosis, I have no idea what it is, all she told me was that its the endo lining all over your body instead of just the uterus.
I went for an US which showed a cyst on myright ovary. I had that before i had my DD 4 years ago, it never came up again and i have had 1 M/C and a nother full term baby since. But now its come up again.

Does anyone have any advise for me, any meds i can take for the pain, My moods have been HORRID. I cant get to see the doctor for a few more days so wanted to see if other people have the same sort of thing happening.