Ok so just wanted to tell you my story. That Pregnyl stuff does stay around for a long time, so pleaseeeeee don't be getting your hopes up like I did.

Here goes...

day before ovluation - Pregnyl 5000 injection
IUI procedure - crampy afterwards but only lasted an hour after procedure. Felt fine generally
1 day after procedure - Pregnyl 1500 booster injection - brown discharge
2 days - brown discharge
3 days - Pregnyl 1500 booster - got pain in left side from afternoon on. Turned into really bad pain. Thought I was going to die
4 days - Pain really bad, on and off - def worse in morning and gets better as morning goes on
5 days - Final Pregnyl 1500 injection booster - pain really bad again in lower tummy. Got lots better as day progressed
6-9 days - nothing
10 days - Positive in First Response
11 days - Positive on First Response
12 days - Slight positive on First Response (lunchtime)
13 days - Negative on First Response (am). My period arrived that afternoon.

So even though it was 7 or 8 days since my last booster (which was only 1000), the HCG was obviously still in my system. I suspected the IUI hadn't worked because I didn't FEEL any different but there's always next time...

They say for every 10000 HGC that it looses 1000 a day. Well for me in total I had 9,500 and it still took more than 10 days for it all to be gone, so like someone else said - DON'T LET IT TRICK YOU. I know next time, i will definitely not test at all :-))

All the best to you guys out there. I know it is so not easy!!