I agree with Maddys mum, I just don't know any different!! I find it strange when people tell me their kids are with their grandparents!! Although I am not in the same situation, my mum is great but my dh is in the army so she lives 10 hours away and she has a 12, 4 and 1 year old! She had me very young so its hard for her to drop everything and visit although she manages once sometimes twice a year and I get to visit her twice a year too!
I am expecting number two and we are on a dead line as hubby has to go away on the 7th of sep and bub is due on the 30th aug I am sh!ting myself thinking about how I am going to adjust to a mother of two but then I think well at least I won't know what it's like to have help from him or anyone else, he is going to afghan early 12 but needs to go away for training in sep but I guess you do what you have too!

I agree with what a few other people have said I think the most important thing is that you have two happy children, and a happy you!! I always put house work to the back of mind to entertain little miss I do a load of washing everyday and put the dish washer on every night they are my only jobs that I have to do!! Although I often wish someone would take B for an hour so I could clean!!
It sounds like your doing a good job regardless of having no support!