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    Quote Originally Posted by She-ra View Post
    What about ballet classes it even contemporay? Rather than jazz?
    she was doing jazz & ballet..
    honestly what sent hub over the edge was at the concert when a little girls knickers were poking out a tiny bit from her teeny tiny shorts that it was requested NO girls wear underwear on stage. yes they had stockings on BUT they werent ones made for wearing without underwear, they had a full seam the whole way through the middle. there was no chance in hell my daughter was removing her knickers. seriously all they had to do was get the little girls parent to pull her shorts down a little or tuck the knickers in and no-one had even noticed till they pointed it out over and over.

    anyway that was one part.. the other was him sitting through the concert watching the older girls & routines and it freaked him out.

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    I watched both clips of the girls and I think the dance teacher has been spending too much time watching Saturday morning music videos...

    Saying that - my 10 year old is in a dance school. She does classical ballet, national, contempory, jazz and cabaret. I wouldn't be happy for her to be taught moves like in these clips - what they learn is clever and artistic without being suggestive.

    These little girls in the clips are super talented and I think what adds to the yuck factor is the song choice and the costume colour. The costume itself I don't have a problem with, but the context it is shown in.

    It all adds up to being a litle bit over the top.

    Our girls are learning two new routines for a groups eisteddfod day and one is a cabaret and the other is a hip hop.. the dance moves are complex but not suggestive as these are.

    I am proud of my daughter for what she does, and it keeps her fit and healthy and creative.


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