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    Good to hear all is going well with you and your little girl Looloo. Glad the bottle feeding is working out well and mummy and bub are feeling much better about it.

    The smiles are wonderful aren't they! I love how his face lights up. Usually its after a feed though lol as when he is hungry he screams the place down till he gets his milk! and it doesn't help taking time to quickly make sure my 20 month old toddler is occupied beforehand!

    Still working on self settling here, at the moment its hit and miss. Most times I still need to give him the dummy... then he drops it... in again and it goes round and round a few times. I think he does it on purpose to make mummy run up and down the stairs

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    Default Hello out there

    Hi All

    Maybe I should post here as I was implanted on the 2nd March 2012 and go for my blood test on Wednesday 14th March. In other words I do not know either way, I bit the bullet and bought a hpt and it recorded negative and now I feel .... Although my stomach feels tight, I have started eating on minute and then the smell of something will put me right off. I spotted for 3 days on and off and have been cramping since Thursday. I have wicked gas that is just embarrassing. I worry though that this could be side effects of the drugs and that my blood test may actually come out positive and turn out to be a chemical pregnancy.

    If I am pregnant then my due date will be 17th November 2012.

    I have never done IVf before and am scared that it is going to take me multiple times before I get pregnant.



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