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    My DS is 22 months and has a mild speech delay so we taught him a hand sign to do when he does a wee so we would let him run around nappy free or with undies and every time he did a wee (where ever he may have been at the time) we would do the hand sign to him and say "DS is doing a wee" and "You do a wee on the toilet". Then we started sitting him on the toilet straight after he did a wee and we would do the hand sign the whole time he was on the toilet. Last week he started doing the hand sign as he did a wee and this week we have had success and he did the hand sign before he did a wee and we finally had a successful wee in the toilet, he was so proud of himself! Haha it also helps for them to watch you on toilet so they know how it all works as well as lots of praise and rewards

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    When I was teaching (pre school) during our 'routine' toilet times we would sit the toddlers on the toilet and ask them if they needed to go to the toilet... They had a little step so it was easy for them to get up and down, and the toilets were child size so I guess that helped a lot .

    Some advice we would give parents was

    * In the beginning have a 'routine' toilet times to allow the child to get used to the idea of the toilet / potty. It can be a really scary experience for some children.
    - so when he/she wakes up from a rest, after lunch... ect

    - Take their nappy off and say, "would you like to go to the toilet" If the child idicates he / she would like to, then place him/her on the seat with the nappy off. Usually the child will indicate by making some kind of noise or shake their head.
    For boys, we would ask them to sit on the toilet and hold their penis down (if they could) or place them more towards the back if the toilet.

    - use stickers and lots and lots and lots! of praise if they sit on the toilet or flush the toilet or just wash their hands after being in the bathroom (Or something they really love...)

    - We also found that the training / nappies pants didn't really work that well when children are just beginning to toilet train, as they treated them like a nappy.

    - lots of patience!

    Good luck

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    DD2 is 23 months and has been using the potty since november, She cant talk much but she does know how to say poo (even wees are poo)

    I have a potty in the lounge room and she spends most of her time at home without undies on and even now has her day sleeps with out a nappy, When she needs to go, she just takes herself to the potty, does what she needs to do and then tells me. I just have to check to see if it is a wee or poo and do the necessary clean up.

    If im not fast enough she'll even try and get the potty tray up and try and get it into the toilet herself.

    I just stared her off with letting her play with a potty, push it around and things then she took to sitting on it dressed, she was also very regular with her poos so when i knew she was due to go, i would put her on the potty with some toys to play with so she got used to pooing in the potty, then she suddenly decided to use the toilet and would run in there so id have to quickly put the toddler seat on and lift her on. After christmas so got over the toilet and has been using the potty now.

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