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Hi again

Just had a big chat to my sister.

I read her your story - and she says it sounds very familiar (including that she has missing memories).

I'm not sure if I said - but her daughter is now 10, and her son is now 5. She said her levels did return to normal during the year following the birth of her daughter, but she made sure she avoided alcohol and pain medications at the time and took milk thistle (supplement for liver recovery), to aid the process. She was 30 at the time.

As I said - she had 6miscarriages between her two children and wondered if any of this was related.

They'd also told her that her risk was far greater to get HELLP with her son - and were going to deliver him 2weeks early via c-section - he was presenting posteriorly so it was looking likely regardless.

She had her normal OB appointment booked for the Monday and started having headaches, vomitting etc on the Sunday night. Went into hospital and her daughter was delivered on Monday night, Her - taken directly to ICU in the hospital she was in, and her daughter directly to the ICU of the childrens hospital here in Perth. She was born at 35 +3 at 2.2kg.

Happy to say that my neice is now a healthy beautiful girl who is highly intelligent and doing fantastically well. (My sister is the same).

Any other questions - fire away - my sister is happy to chat about this (now - was very scary at the time)/

I hope your health returns as is should,
So she didnt get HELLP with her son? I worry so much that if i have another child that it will happen again, but i want another baby so badly.

What settles me is ds stopped growing at 32weeks and he was 2.2kg and he was born at 36 weeks at 2.2kg, so if we have another and i have HELLP the baby will be born at 28-32 weeks so 4lb 13oz is pretty good for a 32weeker so hopefully my baby will be big again!

How did bonding go with her dd being so far away? Was she able to breastfeed? For me, breastfeeding is so important in bonding, i feel its the thing that bonds ds and I.

After going through it i dont like to know others have so for your sister and your family, you must have all been soo scared, i know my family was!