I gave birth to my youngest at Blacktown Birth Centre in 2009 and it was AWESOME.

I was in the 'regular' antenatal section with everyone else and put my interest in to go to the Birth Centre. Everything was running good, so I was 'accepted' in at 20 something weeks?. Midwives were awesome, I had my appts down in the Birthing Unit and did the tour. The rooms were HUGE, double beds, balcony, bathroom. Older but who cares.

I had my daughter within 45 mins, no pain relief. The midwife was really great, allowed us to do our thing, room was dark (it was 4am, lol) and I was allowed to stay in the room for 2 nights (usually they take you up to the maternity ward, but it wasn't busy).

Hoping to do the same this time! We still live in the council area. My first (my son, 4 years ago) was at Westmead Public, and that was good too but I had an epi and felt bullied about BF :/