Hey girls,

Hope this works and gives us a shiny new thread with many many BFPs and healthy bubs in 2011.

Been thinking of you all and hoping your holidays were good! For those that had a break from TTC, hopefully it was just what you needed.

Keziah - yay - bring on the new year and new cycle and Im crossing everything for a sticky BFP this time for you. Did you go to lots of Zumba parties over the Xmas period? How's furbaby?

PM - so glad bubs is doing well! Yay for the surprise!

Sarah - hope things are K with you - have you been affected by the floods? They sound pretty terrible. Hope the OS visitors were not too hard to handle and that you and DH got some time to yourselves as well. This has to be your year for a sticky BFP!

Feebs and Jack - hope you had a good break and may 2011 be the year your TTC journey is successful!

AFM - all good with bubs, but i am being investigated for a breast lump at the moment, so a bit stressful. The GP thinks its prob benign but wants to check it out, which involves an ultrasound in a few days time and possibly a biopsy depending on that. Trying not to think about that and just hoping the scan looks good...
The weird thing is my cousin mentioned she'd had one (found to be benign) and that got me thinking - jeez, I havent done a breast check for ages...

chat to you all later, sending you mucho